Hamburgers and Milkshakes from Fuddruckers, Annapolis DC!

I took take out from one of the chain restaurants in the states, Fuddruckers a few weeks ago. They specialise in exotic burgers such as Buffalo, Elk and Wild Boar. They give persons the option to just have regular Beef or Chicken burgers as well. I had the Buffalo burger with pepper jack cheese, mushrooms and onions. But when I got there for pick up, I realised you could build your own burger by the market fresh produce bar, adding any topping you desired. So I went for more.

Looking on it I felt like I would put on 10 pounds, but the burger meats from Fuddruckers are usually lean since it’s all-natural, grass and grain fed, 100% hormone and antibiotic free. The exotic burgers are also served on a 3g fiber filled wheat bun. The fatty part is their irresistible Oreo Milkshake that was thick, creamy and super delicious. If ever in need of a good, fatty cheat day Milkshake, go get it at Fuddruckers.


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