It will be a Germany – Argentina Final !!! Check out this Mojito by the pitcher recipe & more to come!


1/2 cup – sugar

36 mint leave or adjust to your own taste

3 limes

2 1/8 pints – club soda or sprite

1 cup – rum like bacardi/vodka (again adjust to your own preference)

Prep time is 20 min, serves 6.


1. Muddle sugar and mint leaves together in pitcher until leaves are well broken down. Add limes and muddle until limes are juiced. Stir rum/vodka into sugar mixture; add club soda or sprite and stir until sugar is dissolved.

2. Serve in glasses and Top with crushed ice and mint leaves for garnish!

3. Enjoy 🙂

Recipe found with my android recipes app- Edited by Gabrielle Williams

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