Salpicão (Brazilian Chicken Salad) – A healthy way to view the World Cup!


2 large – chicken breasts ‘tenders’

2 cups – carrots, grated

1 cup – green peas

1 cup – bell peppers, red and yellow (sliced thinly)

1/2 cup – raisins


1 cup – skim yogurt

1 cup – cottage cheese

1 teaspoon – salt

1 teaspoon – oregano

1 teaspoon – black pepper

Prep time is 45 min, serves 10.


1. Cook the chicken breasts in water and a little spice, when cooked let them cool and then use food processor or your hands to break into thin tenders.

2. Boil the peas if they aren’t pre-cooked, and add them to the chicken tenders, add carrots and bell pepper and raisins and any other vegetables you prefer. Make it colourful.

3. Mix the yogurt and cottage cheese very well to make the sauce. Add the spices.

4. Mix some of the sauce with chicken so it doesn’t taste dry, and use the rest to drizzle on top of the salad. Sprinkle some black pepper over it.

Recipe found with my android recipes app. – Edited by Gabrielle Williams

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