Going away to family and friends this summer? Carry something new this time! – A Chocolate Package from Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers

Top: Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers' Products Below: Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers' Chocolate Spread with Vanilla Ice Cream

Top: Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers’ Products
Below: Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers’ Chocolate Spread with Vanilla Ice Cream

Averell French, coffee and cocoa farmer in the Blue Mountains, recently set up a chocolate manufacturing company in Bull Bay, Jamaica. The brand, Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers, started selling chocolate and beauty cocoa products a little more than half a year ago. The company makes dark chocolate, white chocolate, flavoured chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, chocolate wine and face masks. They are the only ones that process single bean cocoa entirely in Jamaica and they also produce 300 pounds of chocolate each week. The beauty cocoa products are used by Adam & Eve Day Spa including dark chocolate for face masks, as it repairs damaged tissue. Adam & Eve Day Spa distribute their other products as well as The Wine Shop. The products are organically grown and the cocoa nibs also have healthy properties as they detox and help to reduce blood pressure. The chocolate wine (to be considered more as a liqueur due to its thick consistency) has a low alcoholic content and no preservatives or additives are added to the chocolate bars.

It is clear that Mr. French puts a lot of effort into the business and is having fun doing so, as he was an architect living in the UK for a few years then decided he wanted to do something else. He also has a fun and educational farm tour that reveals the history of their farms and local community tales. They explore the traditional way of making hot chocolate and get the kids involved as well with chocolate making classes.

Check out their Facebook page, Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers Jamaica, that has their contact information and shows great deals. They facilitate both retail and wholesale demands. Gift Baskets cost ONLY $2500JMD and include natural cocoa powder, chocolate spread, natural cocoa butter, a chocolate face mask, assorted chocolate bars (available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and soya). Make someone or your family happy this summer! It’s so hot, try the Chocolate spread with ice cream, it hardens on the ice cream then as you taste it, it will just melt in your mouth. Their Chocolate Spread, Dark and Milk chocolate bars won Best New Food Item at the Table Talk Observer Food Awards this year as Mr. French wowed the judges, including yours truly, with Dark chocolate, White chocolate and paired the Chocolate spread with bread and fruits such as grapes, paw paw and melon. Imagine how divine the spread tastes with strawberries! The products including the spread have a long shelf life, so no wonder they were a nominee for Best Producer as well. Support Brand Jamaica, try it and see why we think the Chocolate spread puts Nutella to shame and is absolutely addictive!


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