#tbt to Dessert Heaven from Essence of Hazel


Essence of Hazel’s Bailey’s Cheesecake, Chocolate Indulgence Cupcake, Chocolate covered Strawberry and Chocolate drizzled Pretzel

#tbt to Dessert Heaven from Essence of Hazel!

When Essence of Hazel’s Budget Friendly Box of Bailey’s Cheesecake, Chocolate Indulgence Cupcake, Chocolate covered Strawberry and Chocolate drizzled Pretzel popped up in my Instagram feed for $1200JMD, it was a no-brainer.

I know CEO, Kayla Evans to be another Baker who makes rich Chocolate Cakes, so I couldn’t wait to try more from her.

It was refreshing to order from Kayla. She was professional, communicated effectively, was on time and followed up with me for feedback.

It was my Anniversary last Thursday and this box of heavenly goodness was the perfect dessert after lunch and surprise treat for my husband who adores not only me, but Chocolate. We had it with Champagne and it was just as good as expected. The Cakes were rich, moist, and flavourful.

Be sure to check out what Essence of Hazel has for Mother’s Day. A sensational package!


Sensational Package- Bailey’s Cheesecake, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate covered Strawberries, a 200ml bottle of Bailey’s, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, all gift wrapped in a box with a card.

One thing though, hopefully next time Kayla gets some Choco Bites from one of our local Chocolatiers or incorporates them into her baking like a few others are doing right now.

She has the MAMA Box too, customized gifts and more!


Bailey’s Cheesecake, Chocolate Indulgence Cupcake, Chocolate covered Strawberries, edible details, Chocolate drizzled Pretzel, raspberry Wine shot!

Essence of Hazel is #SugaEndorsed #RealRich

Essence of Hazel 

Edible Arrangements and Cakes

Location: Molynes Rd., Kingston

Ph: 876-874-3686

Instagram: @essenceofhazel

Email: essenceofhazel@gmail.com

***Open Wed. – Sat., 10am – 5pm***

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Tea Tree Crêperie

Nice atmosphere and good service. Keeping in mind Tea Tree makes everything from scratch, the Nacho Platter took too long to come out, so much so that the Crepes arrived two minutes after. We understood different persons were attending to the order, so there was a lack of communication since the person who made the Crepes probably thought the Nacho Platter was out some time before.  They apologised sincerely.

The Nacho Platter was alright. It could have had more crisp and had cheeses with more flavour. The popular Smoked Marlin Crepe was good. Nice flavour,  accentuated with the pepper jelly. The Crepe au Poulet with chicken breast, mushrooms, white wine dill sauce and mozzarella was bland though. The preferred option was the Calzone Crepe that had chicken breast, white wine tomato sauce layered with 4 cheeses, black olives etc. but they did not have the white wine tomato sauce.

The majority of Crepes range from $1400JMD to $1600JMD. There is an extremely wide range to choose from, whether you are feeling for something savoury or sweet, so you can choose something new every time. It’s a nice daytime spot to take the kids or have a chat with a friend or two.

Tea Tree Crêperie

Ph#: (876) 927-8733

Address: Unit #5. 8 Hillcrest Avenue, Kingston.

Date of visit: 13/9/14

NB. Ratings fill 5 stars maximum

Parking: ★★★☆☆

Ambience: ★★★★☆

Decor: ★★★★☆

Comfort: ★★★★★

Service: ★★★★☆

Speed: ★★★☆☆

Food quality: ★★★★☆

Serving amount: ★★★★★

Plating: ★★★★★

Value for $: ★★★★☆

SuGa Endorsement: ★★★★☆