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The Best ‘Likkle’ Reminders to Carry Around


Big up Likkle Tingz Matta, pun intended! 

Suga’s car keyrings had fallen apart around the time of her Birthday and a new, unique one was needed. I checked a few stores, including Fontana at first, but still couldn’t find anything that reflected who I was or would motivate me each day. I then stumbled upon ‘@likkle.tingz.matta’ on instagram via another local artisan’s page. I was like, ‘Perfect! Look at that, there is a small, local Jamaican company that customizes the cutest, little keyrings’.

I contacted owner, Shenora Graham who operates from St. Mary and she responded right away. We had a discussion about customizing the keyring that would be right for me and there were a few hiccups along the way, but the end result was Shenora doing her best to ensure that I was extremely happy and thankful for carrying around with me everyday, the ‘Likkle Tings Dat Matta’. Two of my favourite quotes, ‘Do what you love, Love what you do’ and ‘Find Joy in the Journey. She had quite a selection to choose from, along with your choice of tassels and a colour schemed portion to put whatever you want. It was affordable too! Just $1700JMD including delivery to Kingston by Jamaica Post’s Zip Mail. Note that it is hassle-free and less expensive to pick up your mail by The Liguanea Post Office Mall Suga Bears.

I absolutely adore my new, customized keyring. Thank you Likkle Tingz Matta!

Support Local and Show Small Businesses Love

Suga 💖

Likkle Tings Matta

Ph/Whatsapp: 876-545-9415

Instagram: @likkle.tingz.matta

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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One One Cacao Chocolates at GW Art’s Exhibition this Saturday!

ONE ONE CACAO will be at GW Art’s Exhibition this Saturday at The Jamaica Pegasus in the Rio Bueno Suite from 5pm to 10pm!
Nick Davis, founder of One One Cacao just recently pushed Jamaican Chocolate well beyond its shores. One One Cacao was featured as one of the international makers in a new book on the global craft chocolate scene, Cacao Source.
What to possibly expect this Saturday?
Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate bars and some cookies, single origin from St. Catherine and Clarendon where you may be asked to Taste the difference!
Come check out One One Cacao this Saturday while you view and shop GW Art’s Collection!
Get to know more about Nick Davis and One One Cacao in an excerpt from Suga Lifestyle’s Article published earlier this June, How Much Do You Know About Jamaican Chocolatiers?! | Suga Lifestyle:


One One Cacao

Nick Davis of One One Cacao at his Chocolate Factory in St. Mary. (Photo: http://www.asksheil.com)

• Founder: Nick Davis
• BBC Caribbean’s correspondent
• Currently working on Production of Coffee in addition to his Chocolate Bars
• Factory in St. Mary overlooks the sea
• Started making Chocolate after he got a mystery illness, where he could no longer eat foods with preservatives
• He never thought he could give up Cadbury Dairy Milk, but when he decided to make his own Chocolate, he told Suga it was the best he has ever had. The need for sweet preservatives or artificial flavours was replaced by an appreciation for rich, strong, Dark Chocolate.

• Persons who make the switch to Dark Chocolate from Milk Chocolate with artificial flavours may find it bitter, but once you keep having it, you will love and appreciate the richness of Dark Chocolate like myself and Nick.

Fun Fact:
Without getting access to Likkle More Chocolate, the majority of Suga tasters voted One One Cacao as the richest Dark Chocolate in Jamaica, May 25, 2019.

Photo: http://www.asksheil.com

• Nick Davis wants Jamaican Chocolate to go global and be recognised as much as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, because we have some of the world’s finest Cocoa.
• Nick helps local Cocoa farmers by paying them a decent price.
• His Chocolate is 70% Cocoa
• Cane juice is used to sweeten the rest


Come see One One Cacao and support local this Saturday!

Outland Hurders Creamery and Farmstead with Jamaican made cheeses as well as Chorlavi’s with Homemade Pepper Jellies and Jams will be there too!

Buy Jamaican. Build Jamaica.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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TGIF to Lion Fish from GoldenEye!

Lion Fish from Island Outpost’s GoldenEye Resort at the Table Talk Jamaica Observer Food Awards on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The taste and texture of the Lion Fish from Island Outpost’s GoldenEye Resort (Oracabessa, St. Mary) at the Table Talk Jamaica Observer Food Awards was perfection! Kudos to their new resident Chef, Tim Kensett.

Enjoy the Weekend!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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TGIT! Where are you going this Easter Weekend?!


Thank God it’s Thursday! Where are you going this long holiday weekend Suga Bears?

See Suga Endorsed parties listed under Events on the Website page and see a few in the Featured picture.

Have fun, drink responsibly and remember the real reason of Easter. Have a HAPPY AND HOLY one!