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CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 Gold Cup Champions, MEXICO!


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 Gold Cup Champions, MEXICO!

Mexico defeated the USA 1 – 0 (Santos 73′) to win the Concacaf Gold Cup last night. The match was unexciting for the most part with both teams using the 4-3-3 formation and possession just about even throughout the match, but the edge went to Mexico.

Mexico created more opportunities, committed less fouls and deserved the win.

Congrats again, Mexico!

By: Gabrielle Burgess 

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What’s on for World Cup today?!


We are down to 12 teams in the Round of 16!

What an entertaining weekend! 7 goals in regulation for France vs. Argentina and 2 penalty shoot outs in one day between Spain and Russia and Croatia and Denmark.

Argentina, Portugal, Spain and Denmark have all gone home!

The match between Brazil and Mexico this morning at 9am Ja time is highly anticipated.

Who will celebrate today?

In the afternoon, Japan is up versus Belgium.

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By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Mexico won the Gold Cup but Reggae Boyz won back Jamaica’s Respect


Firstly, Suga would like to congratulate Panama on their 3rd place win vs the USA in the Gold Cup by penalties. Mexico had reached to the final in an unfair win over Panama. Players and referees were penalized, however what good does suspending players like Aguardado of Mexico do after the final aka after the fact? He should have been suspended for the final. Sadly for Jamaica, he was the one who scored the first goal against us in the first half. The second goal just minutes after the start of the second half is what could have deflated the Reggae Boyz’ hopes of winning and the third was a dagger, especially since they were a result of poor defending by Hector who cried after the game. Sorry can’t by soldier lorry Hector, but thanks for showing great effort to defend well after those goals were conceded, which should have been done from the beginning of the match. At least he did not give up or get worse. The Reggae Boyz played to the end and Mattocks scored a goal in the 80th minute for pride.

Well done Reggae Boyz. Suga is proud of you and happy to see that Jamaica is as well. All so called waggonists may not be waggonists after all, as they still applauded their efforts in the bars and at home and showed their love for the Boyz on social media.

Thanks to the Jamaican supporters who represented in Philadelphia. The Gold Cup final was played at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and it was full! Mexicans slightly outnumbered the Jamaicans in the crowd, but for a final without USA, a full stadium was a delightful sight.

The Reggae Boyz will now continue their pursuit to reach the next World Cup and as a result of not only playing well, but showing tremendous effort, they have earned back Jamaica’s full support and respect.

The Reggae Boyz face Mexico in the Gold Cup Final TODAY at 6:30pm Ja Time!


The Just Bet odds for the Reggae Boyz to win the Gold Cup 2015 have dropped from 10 before the semis to 5 to 3.1! Place bets while you can!  Jamaica is going for this one!

The match will be shown on FLOW Fox Sports 2 and TVJ Sports Network. The feed on TVJ Sports network is horrible though. So if you are staying at home with the Sunday dinner, ensure you have those channels!

Go Jamaica! Go Reggae Boyz!

Keep Calm, World Cup will be back on Friday. Check Current Situation and Schedule here!

Quarterfinals begin this Friday with France vs Germany!

The Round of 16 was certainly full of Drama. Did the big teams underestimate the skill set of the underdogs?! Nevertheless the favourites still made it through but it took 2 games with Penalty shoot outs and 3 games that went into Overtime out of 8 games total. Wow! Definitely a World Cup to remember.

Stay tuned for more.


What a weekend! Check out how the World Cup is going here!

What an action packed weekend with football!

The Maracana dream was kept alive for Brazil, Netherlands and Costa Rica who had close encounters with their opponents with even 2 of the matches consisting of Penalty shoot outs. Painful losses for Chile, Mexico and Greece, as their World Cup is now over.

The dream was also kept alive for Columbia that cruised to victory sending Uruguay home with 2 goals by James Rodriguez, of which the first is arguably the best goal in the World Cup so far. He was even trending on Google Circles and is certainly one to watch.

The excitement continues today with France vs Nigeria and Germany vs Algeria.