Labour Day Projects are under way!


The New Kingston Rotary Club along with the Rotaract club they sponsor, New Kingston Rotaract Club are currently painting a Pedestrian crossing on one of the busiest roads in New Kingston, Jamaica.

I am sure it will be appreciated.

Both clubs are part of the non-profit organization, Rotary International. Good work Rotarians and Rotaractors!

Happy Labour Day Suga Bears! What’s your Labour Day Project? Have a productive day, whether at home or in the streets.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Rotaractors help to give Jamaica a facelift on Labour Day


Rotaract Club members of Savanna-la-Mar paint the Savanna-la-Mar hospital on Labour Day last Monday

Some Jamaicans kept the the tradition of going to work on Labour Day by helping to give Jamaica a facelift, painting and doing repairs to Public buildings, roads, their offices, homes and more.

Kudos to all who could have used it as a rest day but decided to take on the manual labour.

Out of the many great Projects that Suga saw happening on that day, Suga would like to highlight the Repainting of parts of the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital by the Rotaract Club of Savanna-la-Mar and the Repainting of a Pedestrian crossing that was a joint project between the Rotaract Clubs of St. Andrew, Liguanea Plains, St. Thomas and New Kingston.


Members of the Rotaract Clubs of St. Andrew, Liguanea Plains, St. Thomas and New Kingston repaint a Pedestrian crossing on Labour Day last Monday

Sometimes Jamaicans may see Pedestrian crossings and still choose to cross the road at another point and put themselves in danger.

Hopefully the brighter Pedestrian crossings as a result of the work done on Labour Day will remind Jamaicans that they should cross there.

Remember to do your part to help Build a Better Jamaica.


Rotaract Club of Kingston Painted All Classrooms at Four Square Basic School


Suga’s Throwback Thursday goes out to The Rotaract Club of Kingston’s repainting of Four Square Basic School by Cassia Park on Labour Day, May 25, 2015. The staff, parents and Principal of the school assisted the club members, ensuring that they were fed and hydrated throughout the day. Kudos also to the Eastwood Gardens Youth for Progress Youth Club for partnering with The Rotaract Club of Kingston by sending volunteers on the day. The Rotary Club of Kingston assisted on the day as well.

So many hands coming together to make a positive impact. The kids returned to their newly painted classrooms on the Wednesday of the week that followed in a fresh, brighter, cleaner environment to learn and focus in.

Facebook: Rotaract Club of Kingston