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Do your Part and Sign the Petition, ‘Say NO to Coal JA’

Photo: Steam Engine Revolution

If you haven’t seen this yet, Suga would like to make you aware of the correct information about a possible Coal fired Power Plant negotiation with the Chinese in Jamaica.

A voicenote has been circulating on Whatsapp this month about having this kind of Power Plant in Jamaica and the effects.

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) clarified some of the statements made on the voicenote in their new fact sheet, which can be found at the following link ***(Also on their Facebook page, Jamaica Environment Trust):


After reading all the necessary information it is clear that there will be various negative effects on our health if such a Plant is put in place.

So we need to make our voices heard. Please sign the following petition to #SayNOtoCoalJA. We have over a 1000 signatures to go:


By: Gabrielle Burgess
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Nuh Dutty up Jamaica campaign in full effect

Photo: @nuhduttyupjamaica on Instagram

The NCU Mandeville Social Work Students Association joined the campaign two weeks ago with a #nuhduttyupmandeville clean up in their community.

How can you join the campaign?

Other than simply helping to ‘keep wi island clean’, you can participate in the Garbie Walkie – Garbage Collection and Walking this Saturday, March 5 on the Palisadoes strip (at the end of the stone revetment) in Kingston from 8:00am to 9:30am.

To register, send your name to takakiuchi1957@u01.gate01.com by tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2.

Phpto: @nuhduttyupjamaica on Instagram

***Volunteers are asked to carry their own garbage bags, gloves and drinking water for the cleanup.

The cleanup will be hosted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Jamaica Environment Trust (JET)’s initiative, #nuhduttyupjamaica.

Keep wi Island Clean!



Help Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) to move from Earth House to Earth Cottage


JET is scheduled to leave their current location on 11 Waterloo Road to 123 Constant Spring Road by the end of this June. Hon. Gordon Butch Stewart and the Sandals group have generously donated to the use of their Earth House location for the last 13 years and are thankful even though Butch may be finding other use for the property soon.

As JET will now be renting an office space, they will need donations to assist with this unbudgeted move.

Please click on the link provided below, organized by Booster, and make your donation today no matter how big or small. Their goal is to raise $1000USD and they are currently at $525USD with 4 more days to go!


The Government & Arsonists are not the only ones at fault for the Magnitude of the Riverton City Dump Fire

InstaRepost from @simichelee and @nuhduttyupjamaica
InstaRepost from @simichelee and @nuhduttyupjamaica


Many persons have not made the effort to recycle, thus sending plastics, rubbers and other wastes to the dump. Do your part. Spread the word. #nuhduttyupjamaica