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Save the Date Foodies!


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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You have to taste these Coconut Drops!

Ronetta Crooks-Allen of RSS Naturalll Delites with one of her daughters, Shaunell Allen at Christmas in July, a Tropical Wonderland Trade Show put on by THF at The Jamaica Pegasus last Thursday, July 19, 2018.

Suga visited Christmas in July at The Jamaica Pegasus last Thursday. It was the 4th staging of the event titled, ‘Tropical Wonderland Trade Show’ put on by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (THF). It is a Tourism Linkages Network Initiative showcasing unique Jamaican products available for wholesale and retail by local businesses. Products are usually suitable for Gifts, especially Corporate gifting and Souvenirs.

There were quite a few eye-catching displays, however I was particularly impressed by the invitation and pitch from Mrs. Ronetta Crooks-Allen of RSS Naturalll Delites to try her flavoured Coconut Drops. I am not a fan of Coconut Drops, so I was pleasantly surprised with how appetizing her Cranberry flavoured Coconut Drops tasted. I was even more impressed that it was not too sweet or overpowered by the cranberries. The essence of coconut was still highlighted and quite delightful to the palate.

See Contact Information for RSS Naturalll Delites below to give those Cranberry flavoured Coconut Drops a try! Grater Cakes and other flavours of Coconut Drops are available as well.

Stay tuned to see where these yummy Coconut Drops may pop up in the future too! #BuyLocal

Yummy Coconut Drops and Grater Cakes from RSS Naturalll Delites #SugaEndorsed

RSS Naturalll Delites

Location: 138 Rhone Park Estate. Old Harbour, St. Catherine. JA. W.I.

Ph: 876.486.7469

Email: rssnatural@gmail.com

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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10 Foods/Items that Jamaicans love but should avoid if on a diet and why


1. Mangoes – They have about 31g of Sugar!

2. Condensed milk – Although Nestle is one of the better brands to use, it contains too much Sugar (22g) and Saturated Fat (10%) in just 2 tbsp (130 calories)

3. Escoveitched fish – Too high in Cholesterol (13%) and Sodium (17%)

4. Boiled/Fried dumplings (made with white flour) – High in simple Carbohydrates (Carbs.), i.e. bad Carbs.

5. Rice and peas (made with coconut milk) – High in Carbs. Also high in Saturated Fat from the coconut milk

6. National Bakery Jamaican Spice Bun – High in Sugar (18g), high in Saturated Fat (8%) and high in Carbs. (13%)

7. Sweet Cinnamon Bun – High in Cholesterol (9%)!

8. Beef Patties or any patty for that matter (That all-purpose flour crust!) – High in Saturated Fat (20%), Cholesterol (20%) and Sodium (18%)!

9. That awful, orange French Dressing that you put on your vegetables – High in Fat

Suga suggests you eliminate salad dressing from the diet and use a vinaigrette made with olive oil. Even a little lime juice can add a kick to the flavour of your greens.

10. Cornmeal porridge, Plantain porridge and Hominy corn porridge

Plantain porridge has too much Sodium and Fat; Hominy corn has too much Sugar and Sodium; Cornmeal is very high in Saturated Fat. Have Oatmeal porridge or Peanut porridge instead, but ensure that skimmed milk is used.

Why didn’t Ackee and Bammy make the list?

Bammy – No Saturated Fat or Cholesterol! High in fibre. No sugar, BUT high in Sodium (23%), so avoid if hypertensive or prone to hypertension.

Ackee – Although it is a fruit, it is classified in the fats & oils group because the main nutrient present is Fat (>50% fat). The majority of the fatty acid present is linoleic acid, which is an Unsaturated Fat therefore a ‘good fat’. However, it should still be eaten in moderation. A small amount of oil should be used to cook ackee since a large part of it’s composition is already fat/oil. Ackee also has 0 Cholesterol, 0 Saturated Fat and 240mg of Sodium.

Here are some Food Label tips to guide you in the Supermarket or when using your Fitness apps:-

Calorie free: <5/serving

Fat/sugar free: <1/2g/serving

Low calorie: <40/serving

Low sodium: <140mg/serving High in fat: >5%/serving

Too high in fat: >10%/serving

*For a woman following a 2000-calorie diet with 3 meals and 2 snacks, aim for about 1.2 teaspoons/4.8 grams of sugar per serving and fewer than 12.5 teaspoons (200 calories) sugar per day. Men are allowed a little bit more.

Have a Healthy Day!