Do your Part and Sign the Petition, ‘Say NO to Coal JA’

Photo: Steam Engine Revolution

If you haven’t seen this yet, Suga would like to make you aware of the correct information about a possible Coal fired Power Plant negotiation with the Chinese in Jamaica.

A voicenote has been circulating on Whatsapp this month about having this kind of Power Plant in Jamaica and the effects.

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) clarified some of the statements made on the voicenote in their new fact sheet, which can be found at the following link ***(Also on their Facebook page, Jamaica Environment Trust):

Click to access coal_fact_sheet_2.pdf

After reading all the necessary information it is clear that there will be various negative effects on our health if such a Plant is put in place.

So we need to make our voices heard. Please sign the following petition to #SayNOtoCoalJA. We have over a 1000 signatures to go:

By: Gabrielle Burgess
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Gullies are the next focus for Ja after Beach Cleanup Success

The International Coastal Cleanup Day seemed to be a success islandwide last Saturday with over 100 sites.

Suga helped the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) behind the scenes at the popular, Fort Rocky site that had thousands of Cleanup volunteers. After observing the results each year, I was happy to see that the garbage, especially plastics collected was significantly less than previous years.

Fort Rocky site, Kingston. Jamaica

JET’s ‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’ campaign including its catchy jingle has been huge this year and it looks like it is slowly but surely having positive effects on our country and creating more awareness amongst our people.

After our Island’s Coastline was a huge focus, the Government looks like it will help to focus on the cleaning up of our Streets and Gullies moving forward.

The Government is considering putting low risk convicts to work to clean up our streets and gullies that have been filled with debris and of course special clothing should be bought for them.

Sadly, this motion may be in effect mainly as a result of a video that went viral on social media when we experienced the downpour the other day. Our streets and gullies have been screaming for attention for some time now. The video showed the flooding of the grounds of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Fisheries Division on Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston during the downpour as a result of the blocked drains in the area by garbage.

Fines may also be increased for littering in Public places under the law. Fines are currently set at $2000JMD for a littering offence. 

Let us continue to help keep our Island clean. Do not Litter. Recycle or dispose of plastics in recycle bins. The list goes on. 

If you would like more information on various efforts being made to clean up our environment or would like to be a JET volunteer and/or Donate and more, it is easy. 

Go to and sign up NOW. #Nuhduttyupjamaica

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Nuh Dutty up Jamaica campaign in full effect

Photo: @nuhduttyupjamaica on Instagram

The NCU Mandeville Social Work Students Association joined the campaign two weeks ago with a #nuhduttyupmandeville clean up in their community.

How can you join the campaign?

Other than simply helping to ‘keep wi island clean’, you can participate in the Garbie Walkie – Garbage Collection and Walking this Saturday, March 5 on the Palisadoes strip (at the end of the stone revetment) in Kingston from 8:00am to 9:30am.

To register, send your name to by tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2.

Phpto: @nuhduttyupjamaica on Instagram

***Volunteers are asked to carry their own garbage bags, gloves and drinking water for the cleanup.

The cleanup will be hosted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Jamaica Environment Trust (JET)’s initiative, #nuhduttyupjamaica.

Keep wi Island Clean!




Get your Blessing bead Bracelets and support JET today!


Image: JET’s Instagram page- jamentrust1991

JET’s custom made Story & Myth Blessing bead bracelets are available now for $1500JMD!

Move over Pandora and Happi Beads! These Blessing bead bracelets are the new craze and they are affordable and available in all of your favourite colours. They will make excellent Christmas gifts.

What does each Bracelet have or come with?

Each bracelet has a unique leaf charm, a tiny JET tag and is accompanied by a card that can also be used as a gift tag. The leaf charm comes in different colours.

What are the Bracelets made of?

They are made from seeds of a grass called Job’s Tears and are assembled by people with physical disabilities.

Proceeds support Jamaica Environment Trust.

Where can you get your Blessing bead Bracelets?

JET’s Office at 123 Constant Spring Road. Unit 5. Kingston 8.

Monarch Pharmacy (All locations)

Blow by Blow (Loshusan)

Craft Cottage (Village Plaza)

*They will also be sold at Market at the Lawn this December 13 & 20


Video with the Flash mob and other Highlights from JET’s 2015 ICC Day!

Check out the highlights of Jamaica Environment Trust’s (JET) 2015 International Coastal Clean Up (ICC) Day Jamaica. There were over 2000 volunteers at Fort Rocky on the Palisadoes Strip in Kingston.

The campaign for its theme, #nuhduttyupjamaica was well represented by a Flash mob in partnership with Respect Jamaica, as well as Brand ambassadors, Bella Blair and Dutty Berry.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) sponsored the event, which was successful, as ~9000 volunteered at over 120 beach clean up sites islandwide.

Recycling Partners Ltd. also joined TEF in sponsoring the Palisadoes Strip clean up.

To learn more, go to

‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’ Tanks and T-shirts are available at JET. Get yours today!


Location: 123 Constant Spring Road. Unit 5. Kgn.  8.

(Monday – Friday: 9am to 4:30pm)

See video with highlights from ICC Day Jamaica 2015 here:


Help Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) to move from Earth House to Earth Cottage


JET is scheduled to leave their current location on 11 Waterloo Road to 123 Constant Spring Road by the end of this June. Hon. Gordon Butch Stewart and the Sandals group have generously donated to the use of their Earth House location for the last 13 years and are thankful even though Butch may be finding other use for the property soon.

As JET will now be renting an office space, they will need donations to assist with this unbudgeted move.

Please click on the link provided below, organized by Booster, and make your donation today no matter how big or small. Their goal is to raise $1000USD and they are currently at $525USD with 4 more days to go!