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Oxtail at Oak Kitchen!

Oxtail served with rice and peas and fried plantain from Oak Kitchen ($1500JMD +G.C.T+Service charge)

Have you checked out Lunch at Oak Kitchen?!

The Oak Wine Bar & Cocktail Lounge has opened Oak Kitchen with Lunch menu items on Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 4pm. Yes, Oak Kitchen is now open on Saturdays too!

Their menu has Jamaican staples such as Fried Chicken, Oxtail and Curried Goat.


Suga has been salivating over their Instagram photos and I went last Thursday to satify my craving. It did not disappoint! My own pot full of Oxtail that was succulent to the bone.

Cool, cozy, indoor environs with modern decor, no crowd, quick and professional service. Oak Kitchen is #SugaEndorsed.

Get your Jamaican style Lunch at Oak Kitchen today!


Oak Wine Bar & Cocktail Lounge
Location: Unit #5, 8 Hillcrest Avenue. 
Kingston 6, Jamaica

Ph: 876-649-5096

Email: oakwinelounge@gmail.com

Instagram: @oakwineandcocktail


Tuesdays – Thursdays: 4pm-12am

Fridays & Saturdays: 4pm-2am

*Oak Kitchen: Mondays – Saturdays @ 11am – 4pm

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Sensational Brunch by Simo’s Bread and Catering and Miel & Meel

Gabby from Suga Lifestyle mesmerized by the spread put out by Simo’s Bread and Catering and Miel & Meel

It was an absolute pleasure to travel from Kingston to witness Christina in her element at one of her family homes by Springfarm, Montego Bay along with her friend from Culinary school, Inemari Rabie of Miel & Meel. Inemari was based in South Africa and is now in France.



The presentation of their salivating spread of Pastries and other delights was so artistic that a few guests said the table was too beautiful to start eating what was on it.

They were on their own though. I enjoyed everything but highlights for me were the Apple Crumble, Roast Beef Salad with Simo’s Horseradish vinaigrette, Onion Tarte Tatin with blue cheese, Vanilla Crème Brûlée and of course the Mini Cronut topped with delicious rose and pistachio icing. It sounds like a lot already, but there was so much more.



Check out if there is space to reserve your spot for Dinner when they come to Kingston on May 19th! 

Information for Dinner for Friday, May 19th:


Christina M.B. Simonitsch

Location: Montego Bay

Email: simosbreadandcatering@gmail.com

Catering, Cooking Lessons & Staff Training


Inemari Rabie

Blog: http://www.miel-meel.com

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Bottomless Mimosa Brunch this Sunday in MoBay!

Simo’s Bread and Catering and Miel & Meel will be hosting a Bottomless Mimosa Brunch this Sunday in Montego Bay.

Check and see if there is space to reserve your spot Montegonians! If you are not in Montego Bay it should still be worth the trip!


Christina M.B. Simonitsch

Location: Montego Bay

Email: simosbreadandcatering@gmail.com

Catering, Cooking Lessons & Staff Training

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Where to get Chinese, Patty, Fried Chicken & more like at any fast food spot in town

Chicken in Oyster Sauce + Soda – $970JMD on a Friday night

If you need some food fast and at a convenient spot, The Tuck Shop is the place, close to the Barbican Square roundabout.

They have a range of Chinese dishes, Patties, Fried Chicken combos, Dessert and more. They also open late at night, up to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. During the week, they are open from 7am to 9pm and Sundays from 11am to 9pm.

So a variety of Breakfast options are also available, which change daily, such as Ackee and Saltfish, Fritters, Callaloo, Porridge and more.

Service is quick, Servings are big and Prices are reasonable.

Their food hits the hungry spot. Check them out!

The Tuck Shop

33 East Kings House Road

Kingston 6

Tel.: 876-632-2553


Asia’s Café: ‘Dem Pasta neida Dry nor Wet’ says a diner

A few weeks ago at about 8:30pm, I finally visited Asia’s Café, found in the middle of York Pharmacy on Half Way Tree Road. The restaurant will be opened for a year this December 15th. The news spread fast upon their opening since they are open 24/7 and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner options, sandwiches, salads and various pastries and beverages. It’s also convenient for patients visiting the pharmacy and nearby 24/7 doctor’s offices. The seating area is small so it’s usually order-to go.

For such a small establishment, I noticed a huge menu with affordable items. There were Breakfast items such as Eggs etc., Soups, Salads for $600JMD, OMG Burger for $550JMD, dishes such as Shrimp/Jerk Chicken Pasta and Chicken Lasagna ranging from $700-800JMD, standard Box lunch dishes such as Fried and Roasted Chicken, side orders such as Garlic bread, Potato wedges and Potato salad ranging from $70-$220JMD. They also offer both hot and cold Beverages, as well as Milk Shakes with different flavours for $450JMD. There is a good variety of pastry for $250JMD each including Brownies, Muffins, Banana Breads, Cookies, Cakes, Bread Puddings, you name it. Everything seemed more than reasonable except for some regular Chicken and Turkey Sandwiches that any mother could make and send their child to school with for $550 and $600JMD! Oh no. The same can be found in Mega Mart for $250JMD.

My friend and I ordered the Conch soup ($170JMD tx incl.), Roasted Chicken ($550JMD tx incl.) and Pineapple Jerked Chicken wrap ($550JMD tax incl.). The server came to us a few minutes after, telling us there was no more Conch, but we already made the order and we were ready to grab and go. While we waited, I scanned the room and saw some diners with a large ‘box lunch’ serving of Shrimp Pasta. The Penne looked dry. I braved it and asked one of the ladies how she found it and I said it looked a little dry. She responded, ‘It is awful! Not nice at all, it neida dry nor wet’. We laughed and she then shared her sentiments with the server who told the chef. He said he would redo their order, which was a decent response instead of the ‘I’m sorry to hear’ that can’t buy soldier lorry response. Hopefully there was some improvement.

Although the staff was neither pleasant nor hostile, they said all orders take 7-10 minutes and they stuck to their word, because my food was ready in no time. I saw a quick turn over with other customers as well.

The soup was a bit too salty and ofcourse lacking conch. The Roast Chicken was good but the rice and peas was dry. The Jerk Chicken wrap was tasty and spicy.

Asia’s Café is definitely a good place to get reasonable, decent food on the go, but they should leave the elaborate things to fine dining restaurants, hence reduce their menu size and improve on the quality of remaining items.

Asia’s Café 

Ph#: 876-929-3568 / 876-929-5961

Address: Located inside York Pharmacy, Half-Way Tree, Kingston

Date of visit: 7/11/14

NB. Ratings fill 5 stars maximum

Parking: ★★★☆☆

Ambience: ☆☆☆☆☆

Decor: ★★★☆☆

Comfort: ★★★☆☆

Service: ★★★☆☆

Speed: ★★★★☆

Food quality: ★★★☆☆

Serving amount: ★★★★☆

Value for $: ★★★☆☆

SuGa Endorsement: ★★★☆☆