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CHAMPS, Wing Sauce Competition & Farmer’s Market This Saturday in Mona!


Non-profit organization, New Kingston Rotaract Club (Youth arm of Rotary) is having their annual Wing Sauce Competition this Saturday, March 30th by the Mona Dam. Like last year, they are having a Farmer’s Market too, encouraging us to eat healthy and buy our local produce, while contributing to charity at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Judging and sampling usually takes place at about 2:30/3:00pm. Suga will be judging again!

Then you can head down to the National Stadium to watch our very own young athletes put on quite a show at Champs! The writing is on the wall for the Girls with Edwin Allen, but for the Boys, will KC beat Calabar this year as they seem to be in position to do, or did they peak too early in the season?

Keep up with Suga Lifestyle’s Facebook and Instagram Page to keep updated with Champs and keep up with the New Kingston Rotaract Club by following them on Instagram @nkrcjamaica. If you are between the ages of 18-30, see how you can join them!

Rotaract Club of New Kingston

Meeting Venue and Time: The Liguanea Club, New Kingston every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 6:30pm

Website: http://www.nkrcja.com

Instagram: @nkrcjamaica

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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What to Expect at Denbigh 66!


The oldest, largest and most dynamic Agricultural show in the English-speaking Caribbean will be this weekend!

The 66th staging of Denbigh will be this Saturday, August 4th to Monday, August 6th at the Denbigh Showground, May Pen, Clarendon. Exhibits will be open between 8am to 5pm.

***Tickets cost $1000JMD for Adults and $400JMD for Children***

The theme this year is, ‘Grow What You Eat, Eat What You Grow: Agriculture Securing Our Future’.

Patrons should ensure that they take advantage of purchasing fresh produce from farmers who represent farms across the island at the Farmers’ Market.

Source: http://www.jas.gov.jm

There will be numerous Attractions and Entertainment such as:

– Agricultural and Horticultural Exhibits

– National Champion Farmer Competition

– Farm Queen Competition

– Youth in Agriculture Competition

– An Assimilation Exercise on Climate Change and the Impact of Technology

– Greenhouse Farmer Competition showcasing linkages within the Tourism and Agricultural Processing sectors.

JUTC is providing a PARK-AND-RIDE Shuttle Service from Kingston over the 3 days!

Roundtrip Ticket Costs: $1400JMD (Adults); $1200JMD (Children)

Ticket outlets:

JUTC Office, Shop 126b, Greater Portmore Shopping Centre, Spanish Town Transport Centre on Burke Road, Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre and JUTC Downtown Hub, 9 East Parade.

Departure times from locations in Kingston:

Spanish Town Transport Centre: 10am – 1pm
Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre: 8:30am – 11am
Portmore Mall: 9am – 12noon

Departure times from Denbigh: 7:30pm and 10:30pm daily

#BuyLocal #EatFresh #SugaEndorsed

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Family, Friends & Foodies Unite for the Love of Food at Kingston Kitchen!

Kingston Kitchen had Hope Gardens buzzing with activity last Saturday. It was a great event for family, friends and foodies to unite for the love of food.

The event was well supported, probably the biggest staging I’ve ever seen. The logistics and execution of the event was quite commendable.

Just a few drawbacks for me. One bar was not enough for the event and amount of patrons. It was overcrowded to say the least.

I also believe that our Gastronomy network via the Tourism Industry should have been involved with the event to incorporate tourists from various hotels on the north coast of the island. Kingston Kitchen’s Night Market would have been an eye-opening experience for them to see so much of our culture in one area and in one night. The event would also expose them to Kingston, as many tourists are unaware of the many cultural activities, beauty and places to go that exist in Kingston. For the next Kingston Kitchen, I would like to see them in bus loads!

There were so many vendors to pick, choose and refuse from, Suga and husband went with a hit list.

Here is a reminder of what Kingston Kitchen had to offer in addition to entertainment for adults and kids:


I am proud to say my husband, Randy and I succeeded. We definitely took note of places to try in the near future as well.

Suga’s Breakdown!


● Stush in the Bush A variety of unique Sauces, Spreads and Preserves made with love. Always a crowd pleaser.

Lisa and Chris Binns doing what they do best at Kingston Kitchen last Saturday, July 7, 2018.

● Lucky Strike Seafood Bar and Grill – Their Seafood bowl is always a hit. My husband approves!

Randy Burgess and wife, Suga a.k.a Gabby from Suga Lifestyle at Kitchen last Saturday

● Street Food Saturdays – Fresh mint Lemonade, Street corn and more. They kept patrons coming all night!

Fish Pot – Flavourful, peppery Fish soup. Great gas buster to prep for food galore.

●Simo’s Bread and Catering – Pastries, Soursop Popsicles, Dessert, Sauces, Seasonings. Excellent spread as usual from the main hands of it all, Christina Simonitsch.

Delicious Mini Cronuts, Pastries, Sauces and more from Simo’s Bread and Catering at Kingston Kitchen last Saturday.

● I Love Paella – Rich, flavourful Tapas! From Valencia with love. Bravas, Croquetas and Empañadas cooked right in front of you.


Scott van Bonnet – New kid on the block from Blue Diamond Shopping Centre, Montego Bay. They had tasty Turkey and Lamb Wraps. Loved the infused flavours.

Coming soon to Kingston, Ocho Rios and Negril. Can’t wait!

● Topp In Designz Limited – Foodie Gear galore!

Suga had to cop this shirt!



Gypsy House Tapas!

I have never thrown away food at Kingston Kitchen, but there is always a first. Trust me, I tried my best to eat their Seafood and Meat stacked Paella, but I just couldn’t get past the dry rice that nearly choked me and lack of flavour. It was horrible. Chef Enric’s, I Love Paella still stands as the place to go for authentic Valencian Paella.

Soup King

They didn’t have any Soup for over an hour after the start time of the event. They seemed to have gotten things going later on in the night though.


Lyming at Walkerswood – Mannish water, Curried Goat and more. Jamaican cooked food that goes right to the heart and makes you feel at home.

● NCR Sheep Limited – Tasty Lamb sausage.


Rolly Polly – Ice cream for adults and kids. I enjoyed my topping of Bailey’s rum cream on my Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. Delish!


Gustazos Booth 

Suga had a ball in the Money Machine to grab as much cash as possible in a short period of time to go towards her Gustazos Account credit.

Patrons enjoyed their small giveaways, boomerang photo booth and money machine! Fun addition to the event.


> Fromage Bistro and Brasserie, Cafe Dolce, Pita Grill, Deaf Can! Coffee, Chocolate Dreams, Until We Eat Again, Cannonball Cafe, Pink Apron Jamaica, Tea Tree Créperie and Sip ‘n’ Go Juice Bar.

Suga didn’t get to stop by the usual crowd faves mentioned above, but I could see that they continued to please!


> Eatopia Jamaica, WTF Burgers and 25 Wafflerie

Kudos to Director Leisha Wong, Melanie Miller and their team for their hard work, efforts and a well executed Foodie affair. #SugaEndorsed

Until the next one!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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How is the New Tracks and Records in Ochi?

Gabby from Suga Lifestyle at the entrance of Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records (Ocho Rios)

Suga visited the new Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records in Ocho Rios about 2 weeks ago for drinks. The pleasant female bartender served up some tasty cocktails that were creepers. They did warn you on the menu not to drink them too fast!

(L) Nine.58 (Rum Punch) – $800JMD; (R) Soon Come (Tia Maria, Bailey’s & Amaretto – $800JMD

Loved the innovative décor and use of colours.



I’ve heard the food is good. I could see persons got decent servings and our service was good.

There is also live band entertainment on Friday nights.

The negative? The location. A landmark Restaurant and Bar like this should be at a more attractive location, easier and safer to access by tourists and locals. So I doubt this franchise will do well.

Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records (Ocho Rios)

Location: 101b Main Street. New Pineapple Shopping Centre. St. Ann, Ocho Rios

Ph: 876-906-3903

By: Gabrielle Burgess
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Fathers who Cook for Mother’s Day!


Yesterday was the 3rd staging of Fathers who Cook by Lodge Portmore at Ham Stables in Portmore from 12 noon to 4pm. The cost was $4000JMD for Adults.

The event was a Charity event in aid of Clifton Basic School, George Lee Foundatiom and other Masonic Charities including the Green Frog Gray Elephant Foundation. The Green Frog Gray Elephant Foundation raises Autism Awareness.

The ticket entitled you to 3 Meats, Staple (side orders) and a Drink. However food such as Burgers, Soup, Dessert and Snowcones came with your band as well. Drinks including Premium liquor were on sale.

Suga reached early before noon. I sipped on drinks and chatted with family and friends until food was ready at about 1pm. Service was quick and easy and there were hardly any lines. It is best to come to these types of events early. I was told that it was more organized this year so even for persons that arrived at about 2:30/3pm, shuttle service was provided by distant parking, entry to the venue was smooth and a second line was created for collecting staple, plates etc. All ladies, whether Mothers or not were given a rose upon entry and they did not run out. There was an endless supply of buckets with fresh roses. That was a nice touch.

Some advertised cooks were a no show this year but there was more than enough food for everyone and quite a variety. Highlights for Suga were the Roast Fish from Ellis and the Lion Fish from Huntley Watson. They were spicy, meaty and tasty!

Paul Robertson’s Lamb that is a hit every year sustained its high standard but was in high demand so finished quickly. So did the Pork Hock and Beans. Since I missed out on the Pork Hock when I was circling the tents again, I had Pork Belly, which was tender and had a delicious sauce.

Andre’s Shrimp Kebabs stayed a bit too long on the grill but had a nice flavour.

I was stuffed so missed out on Evon Lyn Cook’s Curried Goat, but next time.

The Dessert Station had assorted Cakes, Ice cream, Sorbet, Hershey’s Kisses and Ferrero Rocher. I am happy I caught the Cappuccino ice cream, whicj was delicious before that crazy rainbow one came out.

Ice cream with a View

Cal’s syrup definitely had  a presence with their Snowcones. What a blast from the past for Suga. I enjoyed my Strawberry Snowcone.

Gabby from Suga with her Strawberry Snowcone from Cal’s

There were no horse or pony rides but a Magician and Singers provided good entertainment as well as music from Stokey Love.

Sponsors were Jamaica Broilers Group, Caribbean Broilers Ltd., Fidelity Motors Ltd., IGL Ltd., Smart Mobile Solutions, Genus Pharmacy, Rights Bakery, Wata, Coca-Cola, Tru-Juice and JAA.

Jamaica Automobile Association signed up persons for a Free 6-month Membership for 24/7 Emergency Roadside and Accident Assistance including All-island coverage and Security but not Towing services.

Well done Lodge Portmore. Would Suga attend again? Maybe not consecutively but will make a trip out there another year.