Why you shouldn’t use Straws!

Photo: Earth Today

Millions of straws are used worldwide per year.

A person uses 38,000 straws in a lifetime.

A straw takes 100 years to degrade.

Straws affect thousands of animals in the sea.

See how a plastic straw prevented a turtle from breathing properly and how hard it was on the turtle when being removed. Watch video here:


Alternatives if you like using straws

[Source: https://www.1millionwomen.com.au/blog/straws-why-they-seriously-suck/] – Edited

There are plenty of alternatives to disposable plastic straws available if you like slurping a smoothie or shake. Many retailers today stock glass, stainless steel and bamboo straws. Biome has a huge reusable straw range that you can check out. Keeping one wrapped up in your handbag is also an option.

Educating your friends and family about how dangerous straws can be, will help motivate them to make the switch to straw-free.

Saying no to straws seems like such a simple action, and it is. But actions like these really do make an enormous difference to our environment.

Just remember, that straw could end up in a turtle’s nose!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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