Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States! How come?!


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From the colour of Florida started to turn Red with 29 Electoral votes and Ohio also went Republican with 18 Electoral votes, America and the rest of the World started to wonder what was happening.

Donald Trump crushed Hillary with 289 electoral votes to her 218. 270 was the number needed. Hillary made a formal telephone call last night or I should say early a.m. to Donald to concede the race. She will make her concession speech this morning at 10:30am in New York City. President Elect Donald Trump gave his speech at about 3 a.m.

The majority of the World is stunned and saddened by the outcome of this Election. The Canadian Immigration site crashed, Stocks have plummeted and the numbers 11 and 9 are a nightmare for America once again.

What happened?! The last minute FBI fiasco with Hillary and the emails and America has spoken. They want a change. Many do not like Hillary and the reality is, she is a Female that they are not willing to accept after enduring 2 terms of their 1st Black President from the same party.

Donald Trump told us what he was going to do and he did it strategically. He is a Businessman and he surely meant Business. Well done Donald and Congratulations.

May God Bless America.

By: Gabrielle Burgess
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