Thanks for Supporting GW Art at The Hub Coworking TSO Pop-up Shop!


Gabby from Suga Lifestyle would like to thank everyone who supported, spread the word and expressed admiration for GW Art’s booth at The Hub Coworking’s TSO Pop-Up Shop yesterday.

It was lovely to see persons having a hard choice deciding which piece or pieces they liked more in order to buy. Persons’ taste in Art vary on a wide scale. GW Art ensured there was something for everyone with a mix of Abstract, Graphic, Modern and Jamaican Art.

The New Collection of Table/Desktop pieces (acrylic on canvas) suitable for Home and Office decor were up for grabs and have been added to the GW Art Gallery on the right toolbar of They are great for persons that may not have space for big pieces and for persons that just would like something reasonable and unique for themselves or for gifts.


Kareem Tomlinson was the first to cop his modern Table/Desktop piece from the New GW Art Collection

GW Art has also ventured into Craft items since early 2016, such as Decorative bottles, jars and other items.


Janielle Johnson enjoyed getting her Decorative bottles that went well together as a pair.  The crafty additions to the bottles were included.

GW Art also does commissioned pieces for persons who have difficulty getting their hands on what they desire for their decor.

Brighten your spirit and surroundings with GW Art!

By: Gabrielle Burgess
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