Who won the 2nd Presidential Debate?

After a long, nasty debate or should I say battle that began with no handshake, Suga believes Hillary Clinton emerged as the victor by a very narrow margin.

Both candidates failed to answer questions asked, however that was significantly more the case with Donald Trump. This occurred even with the moderators reminding Trump of the question asked or asking him repeatedly to answer the question asked.

Highlights included Trump accusing Hillary as defending her husband who is a rapist and saying that one of the first things on his agenda as President would be to put her in jail.

Sadly, instead of focusing on the answering all the questions, Hillary took the bait this time around and was caught defending herself for the most part instead of completely burying Trump while he was on the decline, which was disappointing. Donald Trump interrupted her several times but to a lesser extent than the first debate.

Trump had a lot of empty statements and when it comes to fighting terrorism or defending his siding with Russia, it looks like he still has no clue. For instance, the puzzled look on his face when Clinton explained the strategy she would take in detail to get Bhaghdadi first, he was probably wondering, ‘Who’s Daddy?’.

At least the nuclear war of exchanges we experienced ended with a question that somewhat softened the candidates ending the debate with a handshake. Both were asked to name one good thing about the other and I’m not sure if it counts but Hillary spoke positively of Trump’s children, also saying he must be doing something right for them to stand by him. While Trump stated that Hillary is a fighter, although most times she may fight for the wrong things she never gives up.

Hillary should have the easier path to The White House now, but she still has to work for it for the next few weeks.

God Bless America.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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