Help to Rebuild the Wortley Home


The Wortley Home that housed girls, ages 7 to 18 for decades at 193 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8, was recently destroyed by a fire. The girls housed came from a variety of home situations, some orphans, some abused or some from families who could not afford to care for them properly. Many donations of clothes and toiletries have been received for the girls who temporarily stayed by the Immaculate Conception Convent, a quiet and peaceful place for them after such a tragedy. The girls have now been separated and sent to different homes. This may not be the ideal situation for them as so many homes are tight for space already.

There are now efforts to rebuild The Wortley Home that has cared for the girls, given them a Christian upbringing, sent them to local schools and also provided life skills to prepare them for life after leaving the home.

Please see the image above that was published in the Jamaica Observer last week and see how much you can contribute to the rebuilding fund. Every dollar counts.

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