Check out this cool, FREE wine app that rates and provides info on wines – Vivino!


Vivino is a community-driven app that lets you scan any wine on the go. Whether buying wine, popping bottles or looking at restaurant menus (yes, you can scan wine lists at restaurants too!), give the label or menu a quick scan to find out how it is rated around the world and to learn about the wine. That is, foods it is best paired with, the flavours it constitutes, the area and country it is produced in and more. You can also benefit from seeing over 10 million users share their wisdom on wines and find the true value of the wine. Is your source overpriced? Sadly, a lot of wines have quite a mark up in Jamaica. For instance, my Little Penguin Chardonnay 2013 purchased at Sovereign Supermarket, Kingston, costed  $1458.56JMD +tax and was scanned for an average price of $6US. So considering the exchange rate, that is a mark up of about 100%. Import costs have to be considered as well though. Therefore, if convenient, it is best to consider buying wine at a wholesale or from a distributor for more reasonable prices . Check it out. You can give your review, location and rating to have an impact on its result as well.

What are the perks of rating?

Rating helps you to keep track of the wines you like and don’t like, develop your personal taste profile and find new wines that match your taste.

Rate and get to know your taste in wine! Cheers to the weekend!

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