Golden State Warriors win the NBA finals in Game 6 !!!

After leading the Pacific Division for the entire NBA 2014-2015 season and then the Western Conference Division in the Playoffs, the Golden State Warriors proved that they are the best team in the league last night in Game 6, winning the NBA Finals, 105-97. Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James had impressive stats as usual with 32 points, 18 rebounds and 9 assists but really fell short last night, missing many key shots with hardly any help from his team that was consistent enough to challenge the Warriors that led for the majority of the game. This will make the 4th NBA Finals that LeBron James has lost. Let us remember that the World’s Fastest Runner, Usain Bolt did not achieve that status by appearing on the track in the Olympic Finals and not winning the race, no matter how many Diamond League, World Championship or season race wins he may have.

Similar to last year, with the San Antonio Spurs’ commanding Championship win in 5 Games over the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors have helped to prove once again, that the TEAM wins and players contribute. Yes, the injuries of key starters such as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love truly hurt the Cavs chances of winning this year, but the ‘Best Player in the World’ is usually able to elevate the level of the game of the players around him and makes them just as hungry for that ring. The Warriors showed in this series that they were the better and hungrier team from even Game 1 when they fought for that win with Irving still playing. Who wants it most wins!

MVP Andre Iguodala also demonstrated the strong desire to win and for everyone to remember his name after this series. He came off the bench to begin the Warriors-Cavs series and only started in the last 3 games. Note that he is the first player to be honoured as such without starting every game. He was able to guard LeBron James impressively. When Iguodala was on the court, James was only able to shoot 38.1% from the field. He tied with 2014-2015 Season MVP and teammate, Stephen Curry to score the highest points on their team last night with 25. He is one to watch next season especially after he learns to shoot some free throws.

Suga congratulates Golden State for winning their first title in 40 years! Congratulations also go out to Coach Steve Kerr for his 1st Playoff finals resulting in winning the Championship and kudos to his coaching team as well.

This season was highly entertaining. Can’t wait for the 2015-2016 NBA season!

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