Rotaract Club of St. Martin Nord Balanced Community Service and Professional Development of its Members!


The Rotaract Club of St. Martin Nord won Club of the Quarter recently in Rotaract District 7020, which comprises of 9 other territories including Jamaica. Suga was interested to see the work they did to accomplish that position, as clubs across the District have been doing outstanding work not only in their communities and islands, but internationally as well.

There were quite a few projects executed, however, there were two that Suga wished to highlight.

In March, Rotaract Club of St. Martin executed a Garden Beautification Project at Bethany Home, a Senior Citizens home. They planted some beautiful flowers in their garden. The seniors were very happy with the initiative and were even excited to give them some tips on planting from their younger years of experience.

But the most exciting and overwhelming time of the afternoon for club members, was when they sat down and shared snack time with the seniors. The President had baked 2 delicious cakes and a few drinks were bought and offered to them. During that time, some of the seniors seized the opportunity to share some stories with the Rotaractors while others had quite stimulating conversations. Both parties enjoyed the interaction so much that they didn’t have enough time to complete the gardening and returned a few days later to do so.

Since Rotaract also speaks to Personal and Professional Development of its members, the Rotaract Club of St. Martin Nord organized their 4th edition of ‘Speed Working’ for Start Ups in the quarter as well.

The club wished to assist the future entrepreneurs by setting up an original concept of Speed Working. Mrs. Angele Dormoy, Entrepreneur and 1st Vice-president of the French Chamber of Commerce, did a special presentation on how to evaluate and create your own company successfully.

After the presentation, all participants had the opportunity to network with 7 different professionals during the speed-coaching mentoring part of the program.

The concept was very simple. It allowed the future, young entrepreneurs to meet professionals and also key interlocutors (persons who take part in a dialogue or conversation) who intervened in the process of the new business start-ups. They were granted 10 minutes with every interlocutor to present their projects, ask questions and also benefited from advice for their new business start-ups. Each attendee was followed up with to ensure they had advanced with their company or respective project. This action allowed 17 projects to benefit from advice of experimented professionals!

They were able to exchange with professionals/interlocutors from the Bank, Chamber of Commerce, Accountants, Business owners, Artistic designers and the Support Federation for Small Businesses (FTPE).

As each territory faces different kinds of challenges, Rotaract assesses the needs of their communities by priority and funds available to assist. They also find the most innovative ways possible to improve their members personally and professionally in order to be better people, build their careers and most importantly, to serve their communities and the world in a better way.

Congratulations to the Rotaract Club of St. Martin for their outstanding work, as well as the other clubs who continue to improve our nation.


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