Ladies that turned heads on the Red Carpet at Oscars 2015

The Oscars Red Carpet was a slight snooze yesterday but thankfully there were a few highlights and at least this time, SuGa was wowed by Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford and Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab, sporting a ponytail. The colours of the night seemed to be red and white. Lady Gaga also looked fabulous in Alaia but may have spoiled the look with the gloves. Red gloves were fine but the material and the kind of gloves were a no no. We will see what Fashion Police has to say about that tonight. Other ladies of notable mention were Kerry Washington, Jessica Chastain, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Aniston. Lupita Nyongo’s cut out dress was not jaw dropping but the details of the beading was what got people talking.

Reese Witherspoon also stirred up a controversy with her #AskHerMore Campaign, saying she loves dressing up and all but they should ask her something else other than ‘What is she wearing’, perhaps what she is working on, charities she is currently working with and more. Other actresses supported this campaign. Suga agrees. Perhaps E! could make a bit more effort where that is concerned.


New Kingston Rotaract hosts ‘Maternal and Child Health’ Campaign

The New Kingston Rotaract Club recently held an Awareness Campaign for expectant mothers, nurses and it’s club members on ‘Maternal and Child Health’, which is also one of Rotary International’s six areas of focus. The Campaign was held at the University Hospital of the West Indies’ Antenatal Clinic. Professor Marvin Reid from their sponsoring Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of New Kingston, led the interactive presentation including topics such as Nutrition and the importance of breastfeeding, Immunization and Types of Contraceptives.

Good work New Kingston Rotaract Club! Education is the key to our country’s success.

TGIF’s Service Finally Improves!

TGIF’s service has been on quite a decline, but they have made a complete 360º turnaround. For a full night last week, persons were seated in a reasonable amount of time. Waitresses checked that everything was alright around the clock and the quality of the food remained consistently savoury. They also seemed to have not one, but two ‘managers’ supervising tables and interacting briefly with diners. No wonder the waitresses were dotting their Ts and crossing their Is.

For my appetizer, the Loaded Potato Skins were alright, but needed to be flavoured with herbs and a sharper tasting cheese. The Jack Daniel’s Chicken was on point. The chicken breast was cooked to perfection.The Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta had too much sauce but it was spicy as expected and flavourful. Then of course, the Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie was huge and definitive of ‘#foodporn’. Their Lynchburg Lemonade made with Jack Daniels Whiskey, Triple sec and Lemon lime soda for just $500JMD was refreshingly good. All very affordable as well.

Keep that rhythm going, lots and lots of rhythm! It’s Friday! Hit ’em up today!


What is Le Dîner en Blanc? (Part 2)

Two couples considered to be part of the ‘elite’ society in Jamaica, experienced the recent Dîner en Blanc in Miami last December and are currently planning to host the event in Jamaica on March 7, 2015. This is worrying and exciting at the same time. Jamaicans hardly get things right, especially the first time, in terms of organization and flawless execution of events. Already, persons’ credit cards have been compromised from paying for the event online, seeing purchases on their credit cards in London (Yes 1000s of pounds!), Spain and Russia. This was not due to fault of the organizers, but given Touchstone’s negative reputation with another major event, perhaps another ticketing website should have been used. Persons have expressed that the really sad thing is that companies like Touchstone make it hard on Jamaica. Clearly cutting corners on international secure payment standards for this to happen twice or more on the same site, which has relatively low traffic is simply reckless. Now any payment platform developed in Jamaica will have it hard. Quite unfortunate for the promoters, especially with our backward banks who most times do not have a simple or fast enough resolution, even for obviously fraudulent transactions.

With regards to other aspects of registration, registration to Le Dîner en Blanc Kingston took place in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Close friends of the organization and Leaders

Phase 2: Friends recommended during the Phase 1 registration process

Phase 3: Guests who signed up to the waiting list

All noting that seats are limited and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis, or so they say. The ‘Friendship’ promotion was definitely adhered to.

Breakdown for Jamaica’s Le Dîner en Blanc:

– Participation fee: $4,000JMD per person (You get a bottle of wine & water)

(Tickets must be bought in a pair, only ONE pair can be bought by each person)

– Table, chair and tablecloth rental (mandatory): $750.00JMD per person.

-Additional bottles of wine, champagne and catered picnic boxes available from E-Store only. None will be allowed into the venue.

*Spaces will not be secured until all payments made.

*Payments can be made offline at Bill Express or select Mail Pac locations. Payments online have currently been suspended, understandably so.

– Venue will be revealed a few hours before dinner, but Jamaican people can chaaaaaaat. Good luck with the ‘Secrecy’ promotion.

The concept of dressing in all white, drinking only wine and champagne, socialising with the who’s who of society and dancing the night away will be kept. Thus so will the promotion of ‘Joie de Vivre (The joy of living)’ and ‘Magic’. However, the price has doubled or tripled the Le Dîner en Blanc, Miami depending on your taste in and consumption of liquor. Le Dîner en Blanc, Miami costed $35USD and that would cover the night. In order to become a member and be invited to another Le Dîner en Blanc, persons would pay an extra $5USD. So the participation fee correlates, but persons cannot be trusted to carry their own French bread and gourmet food? There goes the picnic concept. A list of options from which to purchase food or suggested dishes or food items to carry could be given instead of locking persons into eating Chicken and Noodles. No offence to the renowned Chefs chosen. It is believed they had to work with ingredients supplied by sponsors. After all, the choice of gourmet food should include something French paying homage to where it all began. There goes the ‘Heritage’ promotion or perhaps ours is common fowl. Persons will also further be restricted since they cannot carry their own wine. Everything has been left to an E-store at your fingertips. Word is they desired uniformity overall, but the part of the event that promotes ‘Effort’ has gone out the window. Also questioning your household income when registering. Why? Will they be seating persons accordingly? If so, there goes the ‘Ethics and Values’ promotion.

Clearly the more humble portion of the concept has changed. Persons are expected to buy or rent everything. It is giving the impression that it may be a money-making event and/or promotion for sponsors.

Suga thinks a somewhat decent evening will subside from a chaotic start.

What is Le Dîner en Blanc? (Part 1)

Francois Pasquier started the concept of Le Dîner en Blanc in 1988 in Paris with a simple gathering of friends, all dressed in white to identify each other in a public place to have a picnic. The event gained momentum as friends invited more friends and it spread to other locations in Paris and eventually various cities, provinces etc. around the world. For instance, Montreal, New York, Brisbane, Québec, Barcelona, Boston and Sydney to name a few.

The event is designed to promote Ethics and Values, Friendship, Secrecy, Effort, Joie de Vivre (The joy of living), Heritage and Magic.

Here is the breakdown of the concept:

– Hosts usually include a who’s who of influencers in various spheres. There will also be volunteers.

– Hosts and volunteers invite their friends and family to the picnic, then any space that’s left goes to those on the waiting list

– Organizers and volunteers are informed of the location only hours prior to the dinner, but other attendees would not know until they arrive via transportation provided by Dîner en Blanc

– The location should be an amazing place. For instance, a Dîner en Blanc has occurred at the Eiffel Tower

– The event has no limitation in terms of culture or age

– ~1000 persons carry tables and chairs, gourmet food and wine

– Persons arrive dressed in all white and are guided to pre-assigned seating by table leaders

– Persons set up their white tables, chairs and tablecloths; as well as china and silverware

– Persons wave their white dinner napkins and begin to eat

– Persons drink only wine or champagne and socialize

– Persons light sparklers once dinner is complete to light up the night and to open the dance floor for the party

– Persons party and dance the night away

– Persons will clean up, pack up, then head out

It has also been observed that persons become quite comfortable talking with each other, carry personal fans and intricate table arrangements or decor.

See the video below:

Le Dîner en Blanc International – English Version:

Of course, Jamaicans love to copy everything. But in this case, why not? It is an excellent concept. Stay tuned for ‘What is Le Dîner en Blanc – Part 2’ as Suga Lifestyle breaks down Jamaica’s good and not so good plans, credit card fiascos and more.

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