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Who is the Best Player in the World?

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The media is going wild with reports and interviews and fans are shaking with anticipation for the rematch between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers but more so, Stephen Curry versus LeBron James.

I have seen 5 reasons why Curry is the MVP versus 5 reasons why LeBron is the MVP flood my social media and sports app timeline. The majority of the statisticians and experts give the Defending Champs, the Warriors, the edge to win it all.

Cleveland has not won a title in 52 years and LeBron James left Miami to bring a title to them. If they win, it is the thought that even though LeBron may not win 4,5 or 6 rings, his career will be complete. Last year he stated that he is The Best Player in the World.

Recently, he has voiced that the Warriors now face the full and real Cavaliers team since Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were injured last year in the Finals versus the Warriors.

The Warriors have been like a thorn in their side since, beating them on Christmas Day and following that up with a demoralising 34-point win in January, where their Coach, David Blatt was fired 4 days after. The Warriors have certainly forced change on the Cavs in the past year. Kyrie Irving even said he planned to play with a rage this season because of what the Warriors did to the Cavs last year.

One thing for sure is, LeBron will lose his ‘King James’ title if he loses and will no longer be considered the Best Player in the World.

What does Steph Curry have to say about all of this? He is annoyed and tired of hearing about the comparisons and what LeBron James has to say. At the end of the day he is not concerned about who is the face of the NBA or taking a throne, he is chasing rings and the conversation stops for him there.

That is something LeBron should have been concerned about all along. After all, you can’t have a King without Jewellery. Only a Prince has 2 rings.

Let the Playoffs Begin! Here is your Schedule!



The NBA Finals start tonight!


The NBA Finals will start tonight with Warriors versus OKC at 8pm in California.

All 18 NBA Eperts have picked the Warriors to win the Western Conference Finals. 8 Experts have predicted that it will go to a Game 7.

Tomorrow the Dinosoars will be up against the Horsemen at 7:30pm in Cleveland.

May the best and hungriest teams win!


The NBA Playoffs is on fire! Why are the Spurs losing to OKC?

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The Cavs await the Raptors or Heat for the Eastern Conference Finals after sweeping the Hawks. The Raptors-Heat series is drawn 2-2 and they will play in Toronto tonight at 7pm. The Heat players have been plagued with injuries but they still managed to level the series. Can D-Wade win it for them again?

The Warriors should beat the Trail Blazers in California tonight at 9:30pm to advance to the Western Conference Finals. They will await the winner of the Spurs-OKC series.

On Sunday, Durant came alive in the 4th quarter, the Spurs fell apart and KD won the game for his Momma, who is the real MVP. OKC leveled the series at 2-2.

They headed back to San Antonio for a crucial Game 5 last night. OKC led the 1st quarter 22-16. Then it was all about the Spurs for the 2nd and 3rd quarter. But in the 4th, putting bad calls aside with acrobatics from Steven Adams and Westbrook swatting imaginary flies from his eye saying he was hit by Parker, the Spurs failed to make crucial shots. In particular, Aldridge and Parker. They went cold. While on the other side, Westbrook was hot and unstoppable. His athletisism was impressive resulting in steals and speeding through the paint. His last steal, then the and-1 in closing seconds sealed the deal for the Thunder’s Game 5 win over the Spurs. Westbrook ended the night with 35 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists.

81% of the time, whoever wins Game 5 usually advances in the series. With Spurs’ performance during the season, they would have been expected to beat OKC. But it’s always about match ups. OKC has always been a serious threat to the Spurs. They lucked out with Ibaka’s injury the last time they met in the Playoffs. Now Ibaka may not be as much of a threat, but Westbook is unstoppable. When he is guarded by Kawhi, Durant will take care of everything else. If they happen to lock down those two, there are Waiters and Steve Adams who will do the job. Steve Adams’ game has improved tremendously. Someone should cut his hair. Old man river walk, Tim Duncan has to be present for the Spurs’ defense and to get crucial rebounds. Diaw is not playing as well who used to be a key part of the Spurs’ defense and facilitator for plays and magical ball movement. Danny Green works hard but is not where he needs to be yet for defense, then the Defensive Player of the year, Kawhi Leonard can’t do it all on his own. Ginobili is a ticking time bomb. Parker crumbles under pressure. West makes too many unnecessary fouls and Aldridge fails to make clutch shots. Leonard and Aldridge want it but the rest of the team seem comfortable with their previous rings and accomplishments. Let’s hope some desire to move forward is ignited and they can force a game 7.


Either way, the Golden State Warriors will beat whoever emerges as the winner and beat the Cavs as well, who will reach the Finals, to start their dynasty. Steph Curry is back and he came back scoring 40 points, 17 of which were in overtime. Or can OKC just upset everybody? They surely look hungry. Let’s watch and see.

I Love this Game.


Who is going straight to the NBA finals, who can beat the Warriors and more!

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With Tuesday night’s win over the Lakers, the Warriors are 33-2, 1 game ahead of NBA’s previous best, the Chicago Bulls at this point in their 1995-1996 season. Their next game is tonight at Portland. MVP Steph Curry has been playing through the pain with a shin injury that he should rest for 4 weeks but if he doesn’t rest it he is not in any great danger. According to ESPN Scorecenter, he attended full practice yesterday and will be playing tonight.

Even when a key player like Curry or Klay Thompson are out of the game, their line-up is big and they have other key players like Draymond Green who will step up big time and they still win. Green just won player of the week for the Week of December 28th. An average team will have to play GREAT to beat them says former basketball player and ESPN analyst Tim Legler, and the majority of their remaining games are versus average teams. They seem relaxed but hungry at the same time. Only a serious injury to one of their main players can stop them. Will Matthew Dellavedova kick Curry in the shin and just end his season? If the Warriors break the Bulls 72-10 record, it would only be right that they go for and win the NBA Championship title based on pure logic and historical statistics.

So which other teams are in the mix and who actually poses a serious threat?

To date, considering both the Eastern and Western Conference, the League standings for the Top 10 teams are as follows:

Photo: http://www.espn.go.com

So for the West, if Warriors meet the San Antonio Spurs it will not be easy. At the looks of it now, only the Spurs pose a threat to the Warriors in the West and vice versa. The Spurs probably still have the deepest bench in the league. Their bench alone scored 70 points in the 123-98 blowout win over the Jazz on Wednesday. Screenshot_2016-01-07-23-50-59-1.png

They also finally have some young, fresh players that Coach Pop is giving time on the Court. There is Past Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Patty Mills and more. Then the Big Old 3 are still present. Old Man River Walk, Tim Duncan is still looking good, not to mention Manu Ginobili who looks like he got his act together. Tony Parker is forever talented but hardly ever consistent. Perhaps he has his young baby on his mind.

Even though Suga gives the Spurs and Warriors the edge in the West, OKC is not to be forgotten. Past MVP Kevin Durant is back! He is on form after a broken bone in his right foot that needed 3 surgeries and after spraining his big toe last week. Hopefully he doesn’t continue to break a leg. No pun intended. He returned Tuesday night to beat the Grizzlies 112-94 and note that OKC went 12-3 in December. Westbrook is great, Ibaka and Adams are good, but without Durant, OKC will lose.

Now where all my LeBron James haters at? Sorry folks, he won’t go away. He has won player of the month 29 times now and his stats keep buzzing, equalling and breaking record after record. He scored 9 points in 1 minute Wednesday night versus the Wizards at Washington. It’s a pity he isn’t pretty to watch though. Suga predicts the Cavs will go straight to the NBA Finals again this year. All eyes are on the Warriors, so no immense pressure on LeBron, which is good because we all see how he buckles under pressure. There is also no serious threat on the East side. The Bulls are doing well but the Cavs will still destroy them. The Cavs are the kind of team that elevate their game based on their opponent. They are confident, arrogant, hungry and some bitter.

I would say LeBron’s partner in crime is back, but LeBron is a lone, selfish soldier on the court. Kyrie Irving is back yall! Now HE is pretty and exciting to watch, just 23 years old and full of energy. He is back on form, scoring well, up to 32 points Wednesday night versus the Wizards compared to LeBron’s 34 points and these are under restrictions in minutes he is allowed to play, which the Cavs will soon remove. The Warriors beat them on Christmas Day 89-83, but with a healthy Kyrie Irving and no minutes restrictions, it will be a whole new ball game. The Cavs also have a good starting line up and bench with dangerous players like Matthew Dellavedova and J.R. Smith. When teams feel excited about catching up with the Cavs or lessening a point deficit, J.R. will just burst their bubble with a 3-pointer. Then they also have Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, Timofey Mozgov and Sasha Kaun.


Sad to say but Suga believes if the Cavs meet the Warriors in the Finals again with a now healthy Kyrie Irving, they will get the formula right this time and get revenge. But if somehow the Spurs, a team with a totally different dynamic and ball movement make it to the Finals, they may actually make a more exciting match up versus the Cavs and LeBron could have a Finals nightmare all over again. But we just have to wait and see. It is just January and there is still time for players to grow and teams to make adjustments. Don’t you just love this game?!

Warriors look to win 16th straight game tonight vs. Lakers to make NBA History for Best Season Start


On Sunday night, the Warriors tied the NBA record for most straight games won to open the NBA season at 15-0 vs. the Denver Nuggets.

Golden State has bolted out of the gate this season and the Lakers should pose no threat to them tonight, playing at home at the ORACLE Arena in Oakland California at 10:30pm.

Reigning MVP Stephen Curry improves every season and he has certainly been entertaining the crowd. But most importantly, he is a team player and Curry along with Thompson, Barnes, and Green have been scoring an even spread to dominate other teams so far this season.

Curry has also been named Western Conference Player of the Week, which is his 4th Career Weekly Award. It was for the games played, Monday, November 16th to Sunday, November 22nd. He joins Chris Mullin and Baron Davis with 4 and looks to even up with Tim Hardaway with 5. Note that the Warriors’ Klay Thompson is on 3.

LeBron who? Oh yes, he is still playing. Cleveland’s LeBron James was named Player of the Week for the Eastern Conference.

But look out for the Warriors tonight as they play to win and have the Best Start in NBA History!


Golden State Warriors win the NBA finals in Game 6 !!!

Image from www.buzzfeed.com
Image from http://www.buzzfeed.com

After leading the Pacific Division for the entire NBA 2014-2015 season and then the Western Conference Division in the Playoffs, the Golden State Warriors proved that they are the best team in the league last night in Game 6, winning the NBA Finals, 105-97. Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James had impressive stats as usual with 32 points, 18 rebounds and 9 assists but really fell short last night, missing many key shots with hardly any help from his team that was consistent enough to challenge the Warriors that led for the majority of the game. This will make the 4th NBA Finals that LeBron James has lost. Let us remember that the World’s Fastest Runner, Usain Bolt did not achieve that status by appearing on the track in the Olympic Finals and not winning the race, no matter how many Diamond League, World Championship or season race wins he may have.

Similar to last year, with the San Antonio Spurs’ commanding Championship win in 5 Games over the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors have helped to prove once again, that the TEAM wins and players contribute. Yes, the injuries of key starters such as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love truly hurt the Cavs chances of winning this year, but the ‘Best Player in the World’ is usually able to elevate the level of the game of the players around him and makes them just as hungry for that ring. The Warriors showed in this series that they were the better and hungrier team from even Game 1 when they fought for that win with Irving still playing. Who wants it most wins!

MVP Andre Iguodala also demonstrated the strong desire to win and for everyone to remember his name after this series. He came off the bench to begin the Warriors-Cavs series and only started in the last 3 games. Note that he is the first player to be honoured as such without starting every game. He was able to guard LeBron James impressively. When Iguodala was on the court, James was only able to shoot 38.1% from the field. He tied with 2014-2015 Season MVP and teammate, Stephen Curry to score the highest points on their team last night with 25. He is one to watch next season especially after he learns to shoot some free throws.

Suga congratulates Golden State for winning their first title in 40 years! Congratulations also go out to Coach Steve Kerr for his 1st Playoff finals resulting in winning the Championship and kudos to his coaching team as well.

This season was highly entertaining. Can’t wait for the 2015-2016 NBA season!