Firey Hot Chicken Wings – The Healthy way


2 1/2 pound – Chicken Wings

5 tablespoon – Louisiana hot sauce

2 tablespoon – Vegetable oil

1 tablespoon – White vinegar

1/4 teaspoon – Garlic powder

Prep time is 30 min, serves 4.


1. Preheat broiler with rack positioned 6¨ from heating element.

2. In a medium mixing bowl combine hot sauce, oil, vinegar and garlic powder.

3. Place chicken wings on a broiling pan.

4. Using a pastry brush, coat the wings with sauce.

5. Broil the wings for a total of 14 minutes, 7 minutes on each side.

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It will be a Germany – Argentina Final !!! Check out this Mojito by the pitcher recipe & more to come!


1/2 cup – sugar

36 mint leave or adjust to your own taste

3 limes

2 1/8 pints – club soda or sprite

1 cup – rum like bacardi/vodka (again adjust to your own preference)

Prep time is 20 min, serves 6.


1. Muddle sugar and mint leaves together in pitcher until leaves are well broken down. Add limes and muddle until limes are juiced. Stir rum/vodka into sugar mixture; add club soda or sprite and stir until sugar is dissolved.

2. Serve in glasses and Top with crushed ice and mint leaves for garnish!

3. Enjoy 🙂

Recipe found with my android recipes app- Edited by Gabrielle Williams

World Cup Semifinal action again at 3:00pm today!

As the withdrawal begins to draw near, Netherlands will face Argentina today. Netherlands may be without Van Persie due to a stomach ailment and Argentina is already without DiMaria due to injury. How will it play out?! Surely it will not come near to the embarrassing result of the Brazilians yesterday with a 7-1 loss to Germany.

Salpicão (Brazilian Chicken Salad) – A healthy way to view the World Cup!


2 large – chicken breasts ‘tenders’

2 cups – carrots, grated

1 cup – green peas

1 cup – bell peppers, red and yellow (sliced thinly)

1/2 cup – raisins


1 cup – skim yogurt

1 cup – cottage cheese

1 teaspoon – salt

1 teaspoon – oregano

1 teaspoon – black pepper

Prep time is 45 min, serves 10.


1. Cook the chicken breasts in water and a little spice, when cooked let them cool and then use food processor or your hands to break into thin tenders.

2. Boil the peas if they aren’t pre-cooked, and add them to the chicken tenders, add carrots and bell pepper and raisins and any other vegetables you prefer. Make it colourful.

3. Mix the yogurt and cottage cheese very well to make the sauce. Add the spices.

4. Mix some of the sauce with chicken so it doesn’t taste dry, and use the rest to drizzle on top of the salad. Sprinkle some black pepper over it.

Recipe found with my android recipes app. – Edited by Gabrielle Williams

S’MOREOS !!!!!


2 Oreo Cookies

2 Squares of Hershey’s Chocolate

2 Marshmallows

Prep time is 5 min, serves 1.


1. Roast your marshmallows to your desired touch of browning.

2. Carefully open your Oreo cookie.

3. Place roasted marshmallow on top of the cookie creme, top with chocolate, and top with the other half of the cookie.

Recipe found with my android recipes app. -Edited by Gabrielle Williams

Novak Djokavic digs deep in the 5th set and wins his 2nd Wimbledon title

Soon to be husband and father, Novak Djokavic had to dig deep to beat 7-time Wimbledon Champion, Roger Federer 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 5-7, 6-4 to win his 2nd Wimbledon title.

After coming so close to winning a major and losing a few times in the past year, then overcoming the man who has stood in his way many times, it was tears of joy for Djokavic.

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