Stush in the Bush with Lisa Binns

Blow Fyah Sauce from Stush in the Bush

Which bush brings out the stush?! Nestled in Free Hill, Bamboo St. Ann you will find it. An Organic Farm, a Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant, Tours and Sightseeing all in one!

I am yet to visit the farm but I have tasted some of their products and been privileged to hear from the vibrant and eloquent, Lisa Binns, the lady in charge on the farm, as well as her husband, Chris, a bit on the quiet side but still brings a lot of personality to the table.

They produce sauces, preserves, dressings, breads and organic veggies. I had the pleasure of tasting their Vegan Basil Pesto, Chimichurri Sauce, Sweetie Cherry Tomato Marmalade, Limited Edition Lemon Curd and their Blow Fyah pepper sauce. The Blow Fyah pepper sauce blew my mind. The Lemon Curd was decent, but everything else was certainly delightful.

The Vegan Basil Pesto with arugula on pizza is a good combination. Their Chimichurri Sauce complemented fried green seasoned plantain chips well and it has been recommended to add it to steak and pork chops. The Sweetie Cherry Tomato Marmalade and Blow Fyah pepper sauce can be eaten with just about everything. For instance, the Marmalade can be eaten on burgers and cheese on bread, while I tried the Blow Fyah sauce with roasted potatoes and grilled chicken sausages topped with cheese and tomatoes. I had some water close by to cool me down a bit because it really was ‘fyah’ but so tasty and rich in flavourful herbs and spices.

Stush in the Bush is surely on a growing path and may one day even be a Bed and Breakfast. They are Observer Food Awards’ nominees for Best New Food Item and Best Producer. Good luck to them.

Visit their Facebook page, STUSH in the BUSH for more information and for booking tours and lunch. Their products can currently be found at CPJ Market in Courtyard 71 and Uncorked in Sovereign North.




The Terrace at the Liguanea Club

Have you tried the Pumpkin soup at The Terrace, The Liguanea Club yet? It is quite thick, filling and tasty. It used to be a huge serving for $250JMD but now they have downsized and its now $300JMD, but still very reasonable.

New chairs came out today, quite fitting for the name, ‘The Terrace’. They surely seem to be stepping it up with service and quality. The lunch and lunch menu is not so impressive for me as yet but the dinner menu looks interesting, so stay tuned.

As The Terrace continues to revamp its decor month by month, be sure to visit them on Tuesdays and enjoy that lovely Pumpkin soup!


Rotaract Clubs of Kingston and Grand Turk Partner to Feed the Homeless for Labour Day

The Care Package Giveaway Part II on Labour Day was a success. The Rotaract club of Grand Turk from the Turks and Caicos Islands assisted the Rotaract Club of Kingston in purchasing packages for the homeless. 132 packages were distributed to each homeless person seen, compared to 64 packages in Part I, where 121 were full packages containing crackers, tin food, a drink and soap and 11 were smaller packages containing tin food.

Rotaractors branched out into teams and packages were distributed by the Supreme Court, then by Duke Street and Parade, on the way to Crossroads and then all teams settled by Silver Slipper Plaza, where the remainder of the packages were distributed.

The recipients of the packages were truly grateful and a wider cross-section of persons were reached this time around.

Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge

Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger

Want a more private environment to have a drink with friends or go on a date? Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge is the place. The service and food are good. They don’t serve liquor by the cue but those Bartenders will not be mixing you any weak drinks. If you play the slots you can drink for free.

The waiters are extremely attentive and the food provided on their menu is simple but tasty and very affordable. It is also one of the best places to go for a burger. The chicken burger that comes with fries is a good serving and only costs $900JMD.

Mix it up and hit Monte Carlo from time to time, you are guaranteed to win!


Cuddy’z Losing Wickets Fast

Cuddy’z has fluctuated over the years with both quality of food and service, but it has taken a steep decline again where both are concerned. I went there a month ago and it was as if I had to put out a search party for the waitress to make an order. Thankfully the televisions by the booths are now working.

I ordered the ‘Pocket Rocket Burger’ that includes guacamole and sour cream, which I thought would be a safe bet but I was terribly wrong. I was so hungry by the time I got the burger, I don’t even have a picture of it. It was quite sloppy in presentation and taste.

The bill was about $1500JMD including tax for the burger with fries and a beer. So, I probably should have stopped by Burger King instead. Word has it that they are currently experiencing changes with their chef and general business plans as well as downsizing staff. We do not have a confirmation on that but if true, the factors have caused a negative impact on the restaurant. We do hope they rise above and the tailenders come in strong.

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s review for where you can actually get a good burger.


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