New Zealand sent West Indies Packing! What has happened to West Indies Cricket?

New Zealand's Martin Guptill
New Zealand’s Martin Guptill

Last Friday night, the West Indies allowed New Zealand to make a whopping 393 runs.

Martin Guptill surpassed our very own, Chris Gayle’s record of 215 made earlier in the tournament, to hit the highest world cup score, a smashing 237 runs not out. Credit must be given to Guptill’s magnificent performance, hitting all of 137 runs off of his last 52 balls, whether balls were bowled short or long, but our bowling and fielding was poor. Guptill got time to settle into long partnerships and Marlon Samuels dropped a crucial catch to get rid of him. Those catches you do not miss. They stood up and watched many balls roll to the boundary. We often fail to get dirty and dive to stop balls like other teams, harming us in the long run. The result for New Zealand was 393/6 (50 overs).

West Indies ended their innings at 250 all out in just 30.3 overs. Gayle made an exciting but short-lived 61 runs, then wickets crumbled even faster. New Zealand won by 143 runs. On top of that, Jamaica is not the only one with a ‘Bolt’. New Zealand’s fast bowler, Trent Boult is at his peak, as he took 4 early wickets. Sadly, Gayle and to a small extent Jonathan Carter, were the only threats New Zealand faced and they knew it. So, what was our strategy? Clearly the wrong one. Great effort was shown by the West Indies where batting was concerned because the result could have been much worse or embarrassing, as we have witnessed before in those situations. However, I believe they were incorrectly guided.

With a massive target of 393 runs, the strategy should not be to go out there and instantly make as much 6s and 4s as possible. After all it is not 20/20 cricket. They should have attempted to bat out the entire innings, peaking at the right intervals, not wildly going after 99% of the balls bowled exposing the wickets or blocking them when it was too late resulting in LBWs.

Overall, the current West Indies team is not good. Well clearly we haven’t had a good one in a while. The sport has evolved and we cannot rely on raw talent anymore. Teams West Indies used to destroy in the past have moved way beyond us. Teams we used to rival in the past such as Australia and New Zealand, totally demolish us now at practically every meeting if not all. What are they doing differently? When Australia wanted to pull themselves away to make themselves better than us in our hay day, they started looking back at the tapes, at every angle. They took it to a technical level. It’s like what is happening now with the death of Brazilian or South American football compared to European football. Times are changing and so are techniques, styles and tactics. Therefore the way West Indies are currently and have been training need to change. In a situation with a an unfit Gayle who barely got cleared to play New Zealand, all should not rest on his shoulders.

As shocking as it may seem, some of us still rally around the West Indies and do not refer to them as the ‘Worst Indies’. There were a lot of men named, ‘Hopeton’ in the bar on Friday night. I am appealing for us to rebuild. At the end of the day, the players get blamed but from management right down is responsible.

Godspeed West Indies.


Why Tessanne should have left Cuffe behind ages ago

I respect that both Tessanne Chin and Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr. may be going through a hard time right now. Who knows who left who or if it was a mutual decision, but a laaaaaaang time dis fi happen! Sound wicked don’t it? But why Tessanne not BIG right now globally after all that excitement about winning The Voice?! What has been holding her back? She thinks she can reach anywhere doing shows for Digicel and living in Jamaica? My darling Tessanne, you have everything in reverse. Live in Jamaica after you make it big times three.

Taking it back to The Voice. All Tessanne needed was a little scandal you know. The world was watching how her coach, Adam Levine looked at her. Her season was the first season him bring him team to his yard?

Let me talk to Tessanne now. Just seh you and Adam have a likkle ting nuh. It don’t have to be true, but launch your career. Start a twitter war with some of Adam’s Victoria Secret models. More than half of the stars in Hollywood and the Music Industry have done that. People will get over it if you worried about your image. In a few days it will be stale news because Drake may be throwing a bottle at Chris Brown in a club. Your dear husband would know it’s not true from you plot or accept the plan. It all comes down to your wonderful talent at the end of the day. But do you think having him there on almost every episode and your career not even started yet going to boost anything? No. Then all the pictures for your fans on instagram with you and Cuffe stuff in the Bahamas, Kisses for Cuffe stuff, I miss my Cuffe stuff. Tessanne really?! Three’s a crowd with Nuff Cuffe. Nobody cares! Cute but not hardcore. Lastly, it’s great you are promoting Brand Jamaica with all these clothes you have been dressed in by Kerry Man Woman Home, but you picked the wrong person. All these pants and pencil skirts won’t cut it! Lose some weight and get your sexy on. I’m all for embracing your fluffiness but let’s keep it real, that’s how it is done. Powerhouse voice, Jennifer Hudson couldn’t keep her dream alive after doing well on American Idol and Dreamgirls without losing some weight. Think she would be singing for Lucious on Empire if it was back in 2006? Tessanne, you are not young either. You’re not 22, you are married, borderline hefty, but beautiful and you decide to live in Jamaica immediately after winning the Voice. That is ending your career before you start it girl.

The entire Jamaica was behind Tessanne to win The Voice, like Olympics. Pot cova from Half-Way-Tree to Cherry Gardens and more, have we voting for her like crazy in a wi good good Christmas and spending money to buy her song on i-tunes. What a disappointment. Whether Cuffe stuff held Tessanne back or she felt guilty from being away from him for long, sometimes love is not enough. Or was she just too concerned with maintaining her current sober, bland image and being herself? She shouldn’t worry about that. Artists mould back into themselves after making it, initially having a hard time filtering into the industry. That’s part of the game. She should have known that from before she went on The Voice. What did they expect? Don’t waste people’s time and energy.

Tessanne better fly out and push away that Victoria Secret, boo boo kitty model and tell Adam Chinita Goodaz is ready! Boxcovaaaaa!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Perfect Bar night ahead. West Indies face New Zealand tonight at 8pm! TGIF

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan have already gone home. Did they save the best Quarter-final for last? Tonight’s action will feature our very own West Indies facing the hosts of the ICC Cricket World Cup, New Zealand. Clearly the odds are against the West Indies and could the fact that the pressure will be off of them work in their favour? Doubt it, but they have nothing to lose. Let us watch closely tonight and see the outcome.

Happy Friday! Bet and Drink Responsibly!

Recipe for Fruity Sangria!



2 lemons

2 apples (American)

1 pineapple

1 can – pineapple juice

1 bottle of barefoot moscato

1 box – strawberries

2 oranges

1 box – minute maid tropical fruit juice

Prep time is 10 min.



1. Cut up all your fruits to add to the sangria

2.  Add all the fruits in the pitcher

3. Pour in all of the pineapple juice and half of the tropical fruit juice

4. Add half a bottle of the wine and stir it all together then put it in the fridge to chill

Recipe found with Cookpad (

(original url:–5


The Government & Arsonists are not the only ones at fault for the Magnitude of the Riverton City Dump Fire

InstaRepost from @simichelee and @nuhduttyupjamaica
InstaRepost from @simichelee and @nuhduttyupjamaica


Many persons have not made the effort to recycle, thus sending plastics, rubbers and other wastes to the dump. Do your part. Spread the word. #nuhduttyupjamaica

JoJo’s Jerk Pit and More’s Menu expands, Service improves but Quality still very very Regula

I have visited JoJo’s three times in the past month. Definitely not by choice but occasions arose. What can I say? Their menu has expanded! Wow. However, on a full night with live music, expect slow, poor service. Only order things that are on their grill, such as Jerk Chicken and Pork, the fastest of the slowest. That sums up the first visit.

The last two visits had a new but familiar face. Good old Glen that hops around from bar to bar, claiming its when they need service to speed up and improve he is called upon. I can see why, because there is usually a long wait at JoJo’s. Glen is slightly annoying in personality but humorous around the edges, confident and most importantly, usually serves efficiently. 

The last two visits included a half empty Tuesday night and a fairly full Saturday night with fast service for both nights from Glen and the kitchen. The food? The taste is ever so basic. Nothing special. Go there if you have to or you are just hungry and need some simple grub. What’s up with that Jerk Chicken Pizza?!!! Slices of thick hard dough bread with hardly enough ketchup or sauce, some tasteless cheese and bland chicken. Not even likkle oregano and pepper? Poor. 

Saltfish Fritters? Ok but too much batter.

Their Gungu Peas soup is nice and filling. 

The Cook up Saltfish ($350) could be spicier but it is quite tasty.

Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork with fries, rice and peas or sweet potato are usually reasonably tasty as well.

Their Philly Cheese Steak sandwich that has Chicken but not Steak is delicious.

Their prices? With the exception of that horrible excuse of a Pizza for $400JMD, prices are extremely affordable. Makes sense and aligns with the basic quality of food. Hopefully the fast service is maintained.

Rotaract Club of Liguanea Plains (RCLP) assists Shalom Pre-School

Who knew cashing in crates of bottles could do so much? RCLP cashed in bottles from a bottle drive to purchase educational charts and over 100 seedlings for the Shalom Pre-School Feeding Programme. The University of the West Indies, Mona Social Services and parents will also assist with the growth and maintenance of the Vegetable Garden.

The club also donated books to the school courtesy of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association and gave them Four Way Test Signs to be placed on the walls of the School.

What is the Four Way Test? It is said by Rotaractors and Rotarians at each meeting they hold, it is also a way to live by. With each situation, test yourself. Ask, 

1. Is it the truth?

2. Is it fair to all concerned?

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

This was done during World Rotaract Week to commemorate when the organization began in March, 1968. 

Good job Rotaract Club of Liguanea Plains!

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