Dinner is still great at Blue Window, The Pegasus, not to mention their Sunday Brunch!

I made it to the Blue Window twice in one week. What a treat. For dinner last Wednesday night, the staff were all pleasant and quite attentive. Turning off the AC in the cold, rainy weather we have been experiencing and all. The food came out in a reasonable amount of time. My beau had the French Onion soup, which was good but not as good as the one at TGIF. We also had the Grilled Atlantic Salmon with coconut cous cous and mixed green salad as well as the Hellshire inspired Steamed Fish Fillet with mashed potatoes and cooked vegetables. The Salmon was cooked just right. Most places tend to overcook it or think that black grill marks suggest it is well cooked. The Lychee Chili sauce to complement it was flavourful. The Steamed Fish Fillet had about 4 or 5 bones. But other than that it was tasty. We were too full for dessert but definitely made up for that at their Sunday Brunch.

The Brunch! Food galore, you name it they had it. What I found interesting is that since I am on my pre-Christmas diet, I thought I would have overdone my ‘cheat day’, as the food at most brunches are usually so heavy. But I was pleasantly surprised. There was also an even split of breakfast and lunch options. From what I can remember, there was the usual, Ackee & Saltfish, Callaloo and Fried dumplings. There was also Escoveitch Salmon, a unique option, but I think salmon is just not the seafood to escoveitch. The essence of the salmon is lost. Potato wedges, the Macaroni and Cheese and the Beef were good. Their Honey Roasted ham was very tasty but could be more on the moist side. Pepper Shrimp that wasn’t so peppery, Crab legs, a Sushi platter and a range of salads were present. The Sushi was delicious and their Greek salad is always appetizing. Food on the heavier side included Barebecue Pigtail, Jerk Chicken and Curried Goat. The 3-in-1 Waffle, Crepe and Roti station was unique as well, with the chef cooking up these delights with a variety of choices of fillings to suit your fancy. The Dessert section topped it off with divine Panna Cottas, Cakes and more to leave you feeling fully satisfied.

Service continued to be fully on point with staff monitoring the dining area and food stations, advising persons of options and what was available. Plates were also cleared around the clock as it should be. It was delightful to see happy, pleasant staff, as that mood somewhat transfers to diners and is an indication that General Manager, Mr. Peter Hilary is doing an excellent job.

Cost of Sunday Brunch: $3240JMD incl. tax

Time of Sunday Brunch: 11am-3:00pm

The Layer Cake is doing Fruit Cakes this Christmas!

The Layer Cake at Jerkaz Restaurant on Old Hope Road has delicious and festively packaged traditional dark fruit cake for Christmas!

The cake is stocked with premium ingredients and soaked in Layer Cake’s special wine and Jamaican rum blend. Rich and moist.

They are sold with or without gift wraps at $1800JMD per pound.

Order now!!! Call 570-2253

Bamboo Blu waitresses have no clue

I went to Bamboo Blu a few weeks ago. It was a lovely beach day. Bamboo Blu is one of the beaches by Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios that isn’t usually crowded and they just ask that you support the restaurant and bar. Their cabanas are rentals and not for free. So carry your own beach mat or chair if you are not up for that. Depending on the season, if cruise ships are not coming in, you can get them for a reasonable price.

The service that day was horrible though. I’ve heard people have had better but I ordered food for a certain time, an hour and a half before I was ready for it. When the time came, no food. The waitress looked like she had amnesia. The order was not put in and I had to wait half an hour for appetizers. I had the Fried Calamari followed by their Cheeseburger with what was to be seasoned fries. The fries were not good at all. Soft and oily. They came with plain fries at first, when I ordered seasoned. Then it looked like they just sprinkled a spice on it that had no flavour whatsoever. The Calamari was ok though.

Their bar service was slow as well. Clearly the waitresses need some training, as they were not pleasant, attentive or efficient. Thank God I could use my Pop-Up Gourmet Card to somewhat compensate for that pathetic service.

Rotaract Club of Tortola Helps Families in Need to Prepare for this School Term

A few months ago, the Rotaract Club of Tortola held a fundraiser, received donations from the community and solicited discounts from businesses to be able to furnish families in need through an organisation called, ‘Family Support Network’ and the local Social Development Department with Back to School items which including book bags filled with stationery supplies, uniforms, shoes, and textbooks.

Note:  Families/children were not directly presented with items due to an agreement on confidentiality practices.

Though this was some time ago, the Rotaract Club of Tortola is a part of Rotaract District 7020, the youth arm of Rotary. Rotaract District 7020 has more than 50 clubs and The Rotaract Club of Tortola was recognized as Club of the Quarter for their various efforts to supply necessary aid to their community, having a close relationship with their sponsoring Rotary Club as well as other Rotaract clubs in the District and by developing themselves personally and professionally. Their Back To School donations to families in need was their main project for the Quarter.

I am sure many projects are in the pipeline to lift persons and their communities this Christmas. Email sugalifestyle@gmail.com to find a Rotaract Club near you so you can either join or do a good deed this Christmas.

Active Territories in Rotaract District 7020 are Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Haiti, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, St. Maarten (Dutch W.I.), St. Martin (French W.I.), Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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