Suga Taster, Stephen’s Visit to Blue Brews Bistro on the Culinary Trail!

A month ago, Suga Taster, Stephen Greig ventured up to the cool Blue Mountains on a Sunday, with visiting San Francisco based brother and fam to check out the fairly new, Blue Brews Bistro (Ig: @bluebrewsbistro) in Holywell National Park.

Here’s what he had to say!

The drive was relaxing with majestic views of the Blue Mountains and fresh air to open the appetite along the way.

Upon arrival at Holywell Park, we were directed to Blue Brews Bistro, which had quite a few patrons by 11am. I would recommend that you make a reservation in advance via their email if you have a large party. Kudos to Owner/Manager Jovan Yapp for his hospitality, accommodating our party of 6. The staff were also friendly and attentive.

The menu expectedly had variations of your favourite Blue Mountain Coffee, Burgers, Hot Dogs and Pastries. It was interesting to see that they had non-bistro fare including smoked Pork Chops, Steak & Fried Chicken.

Our party had Pumpkin Soup, Burgers with seasoned fries and more traditional Breakfast fare such as Eggs and Bacon.

We tried their “Brookie” for Dessert, a merger of a Cookie and Brownie along with fresh Lemongrass Lemonade too.

The food was satisfactory, but you really go for the drive and experience. Also, the view and the cool, salubrious surroundings, where you can even go for a walk around the park while waiting.
The park museum is directly above the  restaurant, so do check it out.

There wasn’t any traditional Jamaican cuisine offered, so if there was a recommendation, it would be to really have a more Jamaican experience. Definitely worth a visit though. Big up Blue Brews Bistro.

Blue Brews Bistro

Location: National Holywell Park. Hardwar Gap, Holywell. Saint Andrew. Jamaica

Ph: 876-426-1204


Instagram: @bluebrewsbistro

***Open only on Saturdays & Sundays***

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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