1 week down… 2 to go! and Beyonce is a vegan traitor

More from ‘canrachelbeflawless’. See how Beyonce lied and follow the last few days of Rachel’s journey. Kudos to New Leaf Vegetarian for delicious Vegan dishes. Check out their website, http://www.newleafvegetarian.com. They are located at 121 Old Hope Road, Shop #6, Kingston 6. Ph: 876-977-2358/ 876-977-5243; newleafvegetarian1@gmail.com (email)


Tasty:-) Tasty:-)

I just about got over the events of the weekend and the worst case of “the fear” in the world, back on my healthy vegan buzz.. and I am officially 1 week in.  I am feeling pretty good about this even though eating out here is a pain in the ass… unless we go Indian style, it is basically a miserable salad or a bowl of broccoli… yummy… NOT! Anyway, we were on route to the wedding over the weekend when my husband said… “I am not sure if I should show you this” but

Beyonce eats meat on her ‘VEGAN’ diet!

Vegan... my ass! Vegan… my ass!

What the hell… HOW CAN YOU BE VEGAN AND EAT MEAT!!!!! one word; Hypocrite.. I was however quite amused at how my hubby had this Daily Mail screenshot of the story- is he a secret daily mail addict?!!  No… he isn’t but it would…

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