M10 in Barbican for Jamaican Lunch !

Curried goat with plain rice, boiled banana and raw vegetables

Suga visited the Barbican location of M10 (across the road from Sovereign North) last Saturday at 1:15pm. Their delicious Roast fish was desired but was not on the menu for the day. I got Curried Chicken instead for $500JMD. My friends had Oxtail and Curried Goat. Nothing was over $900JMD to my recollection. All were tasty, however, since it is a lunch-only spot, they immediately wrote on styrofoam boxes when taking our orders instead of asking if we were dining. So we all had to eat out of boxes because it was too late for the change. I also asked for half boiled banana, half rice and got one finger of banana with loads of rice, as most restaurants tend to do during the week for lunch. Nevertheless, the setting was quite comfortable on a semi-open terrace. Since it is summer tho, they may want to invest in two fans. There was also sufficient parking around the back.

The place was buzzing with people and service time was reasonable, especially if you are used to the long wait at their Vineyard town location. So if ever in the need for quick, authentic Jamaican food, M10 Barbican is the spot!

Contact info.: 876.462.1415/930-2112 *(Vineyard town location numbers, as none seen listed for Barbican)

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